Monday, March 18, 2013

the Volunteer and the Called

Hello Beautiful

As humans our capacity for sacrifice is limited only by our mental belief in the things we hold true.  A friend recently ran a marathon.  His strong convictions in completing personal goals and pushing physical limits were matched by a strong regimented discipline. 

We all have goals that push our limits. We desire more than work, food, and sleep.  In a society connected to everything, our countries tenacious spirit has become a part of our genetic make-up.  If you desire to be a dancer, programmer, designer, banker, runner, house-dad, or gamer, a few clicks on the internet and some determination will take you there.  This world of limitless possibilities is only held back by our personal perspective.  The way we view ourselves and the essential nature of our task is often a greater limiting factor than anything physical.  Money, knowledge, and skills are diminutive determinants compared to our mind telling us we are unable to prevail or our hearts motivation extinguishing.

Our tenacity for perseverance further wanes when our goals do not directly affect our lives.  When we see insurmountable tasks in our organizations and churches we more easily can live with lowering the bar.  Thus we have the dichotomy of the volunteer and the called.

The Volunteer works because they want to.   They are the essential force of many organizations, but at the end of the day they get to go home and feel great about what they contributed.  Being a volunteer is a wonderful way to become involved.  But being called is very different.

The Called make a difference because they heard God tell them to be an agent of change and they love Him such to obey.  No matter what the sacrifice, how tired they become, or how long it takes, they will continue carrying the fight until it is won.  Their resolve and conviction is held not in a belief they have in themselves, but in a God that has delegated and entrusted them with this task.  How incredible it is to be asked to complete an assignment required by the King.  Whether it is raising a child, traveling to remote nations, working at a bank, or passing around the offering bucket, you have a prescribed job that the God of the Universe wants and needs you to accomplish.  Something for which you were specifically called and beautifully made.

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