Monday, March 4, 2013

Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Hello Beautiful

Today I heard a new song about the fallibility of our humanity as we try to achieve the impossible.  We have burning dreams implanted in our hearts to do great things.  Change the world.  Scale mountains.  Motivate a generation.  Even our goals of wealth and security can seem impossible when compared against the delicacy of our human nature.  Any small thing may set us back.  A bad morning, an accident on our drive, or a missed deadline.  There are so many cracks in the system we call life it is a wonder that we are able to make it through.

Yet many of us continue to fight and pursue these visions of a world changed.  A planet more beautiful, more unified, more reached.  Visions that, when viewed by human eyes, are lost causes.  Even more futile are our attempts when we examine the flesh and bone that is trying to execute such lofty goals.

The song I listened to has a chorus that echoes:

“That you are the patron saint of lost causes.
All you are to them is now a lost cause.“ –Amberlin

The artist is saying that in our road towards helping lost causes, we must not lose sight of the fact that we ourselves are a lost cause.  We are human.  As hopeless as this fact may first appear, it is a comforting notion.  We are, or at one point were, all lost causes.  Yet in the midst of it all God chose not only to pull us out of our feeble state, but employ us to reach a world left wandering in the dark.

Time and time again we hear stories of the impossible being achieved.  Food and medical attention sent to the desolate.  Book and resources given away by the millions.  Funds raised to research terminal illnesses.  Even stories that hit closer to home like abusive fathers restoring their family and addicts living free from their vices. 

Each of these stories begin with a lost cause by a lost cause with a dream.  And they end with the impossible coming true.  Great marks are not made on the Earth by accomplishing the average.  Our destiny is to believe for the impossible through a God that placed those dreams in our hearts, so that we may see lost causes become found.  And in that discovery we may find our own purpose and beauty.

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