Monday, February 11, 2013

The Reset Button

Hello Beautiful

There are many things that we take for granted in our walk through life.  None the least being beauty, love, family, and finances.  Items that our western culture finds more easily than others.  Today I was thinking a lot about forgiveness.

As a child I enjoyed playing video games.  Back before memory cards and hard drives on gaming consoles, one had to beat and entire game in one sitting.  There was nothing worse than getting to the final level only to have your demise met by one of Kuppa’s minions.  Fortunately, one could pick up “extra lives” and continue on as though there were no consequences.  A do-over.

In life we have all had moments where we wished for a do-over.  Another chance with a job interview, significant other, or life choice.  Regrets and “what-if’s” are the fuel for stress that keeps pharmaceutical companies in business.  It keeps us up at night and floods our thoughts at the most in opportune time.  We replay the scenario over and over again trying to find the right combination that would let us “beat” that challenge.  But in the real world there are no “take-backs”, no “undo” button, no extra men. 

What we do have is more powerful.  Instead of trying to act as though a particular event or hurt never occurred, we can learn from these experiences, swallow our pride, and simply ask for forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the ultimate reset button.  When the vision of our true selves has been overshadowed by our fleshly nature three words pleading from an earnest heart set us back on cause: I am sorry.  At times forgiveness must come from another person we have hurt.  Or perhaps it was a sin committed we wish to forget.  Many times the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

At my church the entire auditorium says a prayer of forgiveness with new Christians.  A strange act to some, but I enjoy the weekly reminder that I am constantly in need of a Savior.  I love knowing that no matter what happened in my week, how close or distant I may have felt to my Creator, I can always hit the reset button with a sincere heart and continue moving forward.  You do not need to live held back by your past mistakes.  Each moment can be made new.

You are Beautiful

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