Monday, January 14, 2013

When Ink Flows Best

After nearly a week of gorgeous weather, today brought forth rain.  The slow drizzle was foreshadowed by a fog that arrived a day earlier.  A paced announcement of the coming depths of winter.  I enjoy the pause and stillness that is ushered in by this suspended force.  It is moments like these when all distraction fades.  The sun has hidden. The streets are silent. The unbridled passion of the heart is tamed.  These hours of focus are when the purest creation takes place.

I find that ink flows best across a blank page when it rains; keys may be stroked more deliberately, music resonates more fervently. It is in these deep states of melancholy that we are most attuned to the cry of our soul.  The sobriety of our pensive state allows a direct connection between thought and action—idea and execution.

As sunshine turned to fog, turned to mist, turned to rain, I considered the original state of the Universe before the magnificence of creation; when there stood God and Angels alone.  How immeasurable the stillness that must have existed in a world without form.  Pure unadulterated nothingness.  The ultimate blank canvas.

I dare not call God melancholy, but I can imagine His longing for us as He stood before a vacuous Universe.  Out of this emptiness the greatest act of creation transpired.  The Earth and heavens, plants and animals, water and light were all created.  Each element infused with the Divine’s fingerprint.  Out of this state of quiet that was the self-existence of God, He choose to create something wonderful: You.  

I imagine God looking at His angels saying, “Watch what I am about to do.”  And out of this He not only created the physical and spiritual world of our existence, but created the force that unifies it together—Love.  Out of nothingness He created relationships—a mutual exchange of desire between the Creator and the created.  And gave us the gift of choice, such that this love would have worth by our voluntary intimacy with Him.

Such a deliberate act removes all fortuitousness from the equation and demonstrates a purposeful drive that lead to our being.  God created you because He desired to love you.  And to be loved by you.  He created you because before you were formed He knew you are beautiful.

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