Monday, January 28, 2013

Gentlemen Tie a Full Windsor

Hello Beautiful

Whenever I tie a necktie I use a full Windsor knot.  Densely packed regality offset by a single dimple as a triangle bridges the gap between collar points.  A refined knot of a distinguished class; unlike the half-hearted four-in-hand that is lackadaisically thrown in place by a society that has lost an understanding of the term “Gentleman”.  It takes more time, effort, and care to tie a full Windsor.  Last Friday as I completed a fantastically executed shave, buttoned America’s best fitting shirt by Express (the fitted 1MX), and completed my ensemble with a firmly arranged tie, a sense of pride and satisfaction gave me the confidence I needed for the evening.

It is more than clothing.  It is the forgotten art of being a gentleman (or lady).  An effort that declares, “I will not simply mail it in today!”  Composing one’s self should be executed masterfully.  Whether you area a nurse or waitress, lawyer or salesman, there is room in your life for ironing and grooming.  A little extra work that lets the world know you not only care about yourself, but the fact that someone else has to stare at your face all day.

Many debate the full Windsor (or whatever item of fashion or beauty) is not their style.  It does not properly fit.  Is not conducive to their occupation.  Consider a true re-imagination of self.  Without the limitations of culturally branded styles, employment stereotypes, or what is in-stock at Macy’s.  Where do you desire to live?  Imagine for a moment if everything that God placed in you was fully manifest.  All your wonderful personality traits, creativity, and spirit, realized both in your physical appearance and in your demeanor.  Chase after that idea and let nothing stand in your way.  Remember ties can be tailored if they do not fit.

It is not everyday that I feel like a gentleman.  Not everyday that I dress like one.  Not everyday that I act like one.  Each day I try to get at least one of the three correct.  A foreshadow of permanence in my life comes on days when how I feel, dress, and act all align.  There is always more room to execute the life God created you to live.  Gentleman or lady, baller or artist, executive or blue collar worker—elevate your portrayal.  Press onward in the display that you are beautiful.

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