Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flowers, Chocolate, and Puppies

Hello Beautiful

In speaking with a very close friend I was reminded of a deep truth of the female heart.  “AJ, don’t you know all girls love flowers, chocolate, and puppies!”  While I already knew this overly generalized truth, I was taken aback by how passionately it was proclaimed.  As we laughed I contemplated the positive stereotypes of our society.  Those things that are “generally true” but are not degrading labels imposed on a people group.

Girls like flowers. Guys like food. Rednecks like trucks.  Grandma’s make the best cookies.

There are certain things that have been created that we enjoy.  Holding the delicacy of a flower in your hand as you greet a lady and non-verbally express your emotions toward her is one of life's more touching moments.  A man who has worked hard all day and can come home to an aromatically pleasing and delectable meal has much adoration for the chef.  Redneck’s like trucks (I feel like that one is self explanatory).  And the memory one has of warm oatmeal raisin cookies coming out of the oven as we enter from playing in the snow will forever keep our grandmothers with us.

There are things we commonly enjoy.  Others that are more individual to our particular taste.  Our Creator gave us so much goodness when we were placed on this Earth.  There was no need to create flowers so beautiful.  No biological reason for coco to be so tasty.  And puppies could have been made as cute as a beetle.  Perhaps in loving us He decided to populate the Earth with wonderful things.

In wondering about these commonalities we have in our affinities I realized that we were intentionally wired this way by God’s genius.  The plan all along was love.  The ultimate love for Him and our love for one another.  To the end of the later, He made it uncomplicated for us to commonly express our love.  How easy is it to buy some flowers or txt a photo of a cool truck?  We may enjoy overly romanticized and meticulously planned romantic gestures, but we were meant to regularly express our love to one another.  We were meant to eat chocolate. 

Happy New Year.

You are Beautiful.

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