Monday, December 17, 2012

Wildly Fierce

Hello Beautiful

As life takes stride it is often easy to take things for granted.  An unappreciative life typically loses sight of what is truly spectacular.  The magic of snowfall is casually lost on a Canadian similar to a Puerto Rican losing sight of the crystal blue clarity of a Caribbean beach.  As the spectacular turns to normal, norm changes to expected.  Expectations are like hot sauce on our tongue.  There is a constant need to raise the level or else our dulled sense lead us to boredom.

It is this dull outlook on life that is a cause for many of our troubles.  Our ever present need for sensationalism feeds our flesh’s shortcomings and stifles the growth of our soul.  Just a few weeks ago I was visiting a church.  Not a bad church; I just happen to regularly attend a particularly great one.  As the pastor continued with the alter call I found myself checking the time impatiently.  During the most important time in a potential Christian’s life, I lost sight of what was important in lue of my personal entertainment.

How often do we just punch the clock at church, work, or with family?  Why do we not relish every moment of our lives simply because of the blessing we are given to draw one more breath and walk through this wondrous earth?  As I drove home, ashamed of my thoughts I wrote:

“Dear God,

Soften a hardened heart who's sanguine color has been dulled by calcification.  Make passionate beating break brittle bone overgrown on a once wildly fierce muscle.”

Do not simply skate through the repetitive, average, or dull moments.  Allow your passion to be ignited and reinvest into your world.  Be the garlic that is an agent of transformation to the potato.  The Bible says we are salt.  It is not the world that is full of life, but the life that is in you that brings savor to the Earth.  Do not mail it in.  You are full of spirit and wonder.   You are Beautiful.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Between the Forest and the Field

Hello Beautiful

There are seasons in life so full of work all one can do is deliberately trod forward and wait to catch their breath.  Then there are times you are so mind-numbingly bored, you cannot wait to search for the next task.  In between the forest of busy and field of ordinary lies a moment in time where you see can the splendorous trees filling the background as the long strands of grass relieve the ground before you.  The twilight blue sky with the moon and its stars encompass this snow globe you are briefly a part of.

In the last few months I have labored over two website launches, several photo shoots, developing sets for a major production, designing a sports arena, and many more projects.  Add that to life’s usual tasks such as chores, car maintenance, holidays, and a social life.  It has been quite the Autumn.  Last night as I drove home under a saturated moon, satisfied from a successful opening night of our play, I took an enormous sigh of relief.

It was not merely that this season of busy was finally slowing down.  It was a romanticized sigh.  One with great satisfaction as one reflects on their creation.  We embark on adventures not knowing whether we will come out triumphant on the other end.  Yet in our hearts something calls to us with a passionate longing to take the risk.  A new business, love interest, or project.  Moving to a new town or learning a new language.  These are not simple tasks to fill our time.  They are life changing desires placed in our hearts by a Creator that wants to see us flourish. 

Then there is that moment, right after we leave Egypt but before we start wandering in the desert, that we can look with pride, celebration, and strength at everything that God called us to accomplish. 

Every time I see one of my creations come together—whether a blog post or a building—I am amazed that God would choose me as an agent of change in this world.  The next time you are nearing the edge of a season, take a significant moment to look back and smile at the creation as you thank your Creator.  You were intentionally chosen to create something amazing because you are beautiful.