Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Creator creating again

This post was written by Julian Thomas; model and personal friend.  And be sure to check out his latest shoot on our Facebook Fan Page.

Hello, Beautiful...

As I bit into a tangy blend of sesame chicken and rice, I began wondering about all of the ingenuity that went into bringing this welcome combination of richly diverse flavors.  Whose idea was it that chicken, when combined with sauce, these particular seasonings, and this strange starchy grain would result in not merely something edible; but something very much enjoyable!

What else have we left unconsidered?  How much went into bringing your Ford Focus into precision engineered synchronous harmony so that when you hit the brakes, they work.  Whose idea were brakes?  Yes, thus far your Lean Cuisine and your hybrid-vehicle both trace their origins to Man. 

But the totality of any art reflects the artist that creates it.  And the artist is always even more glorious then the creation.  For deep down, the unquestionable hope that subconsciously resides within us leaps at the thought of the creator creating again.  

Consider your favorite band.  How long has it been since their last album?  How much longer until their next?  An album by itself will not go on tour, sell out shows, give interviews, sign autographs, and invest energy and resources into its communities.  The creator of that album has to do that. It is the same intangible that sets apart Creation from Creator.

The Creator creating again. 

Revelation 21:5 reads"Behold, I am making all things new." 

"As we examine what creation is, in all its diversity and wonder, and we ponder how this creation came to be, we must remember that all the complexity and beauty in the universe is not meant to terminate on itself but to trace its origin to the Creator." ("The Explicit Gospel")

Trace your origins.  The truth of the matter is that even on our best day we are still broken.  You and I still fall short of what we were designed to be. We will never be perfect this side of heaven.  But your brokenness—in God's hands—is not enough to equate utter ineffectiveness.  He is continually creating something new: YOU.  Enjoy your lunch, and remind yourself that YOU—plus Him—ARE—transcendentally, unceasingly, eternally,—BEAUTIFUL.

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