Monday, October 8, 2012

Character to Connect

Hello Beautiful

It is fall.  As I leave work the cool air stands the hairs on my neck.  I listen to cars splash through the road as the street lamps glisten over the asphalt.  The sun sets earlier, the sleeves get longer, and homes become cozier.  Each morning I have a long debate with myself if it would be easier to hop into a warm shower or just stay in bed and forget that I have work that day.

Each morning I continually choose work.  I enjoy what I do for a living, but lets face it, most of us rather sleep and relax.  There is nothing overly exciting about what I do daily or the people with whom I work.  Just a regular office with good and interesting people.  My choice to go into work each day is not predetermined by people, tasks, or even money.

I go to work each day because its my character.  A part of us longs to be united with something greater; a marriage, a cause, a movement.  However we seldom feel we are given this opportunity.  How many of us get to join the peace corps?  Become rock stars? Or accompany the elite upper class?  Yet each day we miss the opportunity to create something special in our own lives. 

I design buildings for a living.  It sounds really exciting, but if you came to the office for a week you would learn that what I do is often tedious and mind-numbing.  But I will happily stare at a window sill detail for five days straight because I know it is part of something greater.  When I drove up on my first completed project and saw how my little, insignificant task helped create something that will last long after I have passed away.  I felt connected not only to co-workers and the building, but to the future families that would interact in this place.

Everyday we have an opportunity to maximize our character.  Our cooperation with our fellow man and love for our neighbor is a desire God has for our lives.  Its so important He commanded it second only to loving Him.  We are asked to be a hand, foot, or neck of a larger interdependent network of people.  Connect with others to create something great.  Do not hide from the world what you have to offer.  It shows in your character when you are beautiful.

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