Monday, October 22, 2012

A Truth

Hello Beautiful

There is a fundamental truth necessary to our survival as humans that we all seem to forget.  Each day we plunge through life fighting for our common needs—food, shelter, clothing.  Yet we ignore our basic struggle that motivates our lives.

You are Loved.

It is a simple fact.  Yet we often show moments of weakness in this area.  We seem to understand that God loves us, even if on a rudimentary level instilled from childhood songs.  But what about others.  Are we loved by our family, friends, and neighbors.  Do we matter to the other humans with whom we share this planet?  Should we bother to walk alongside them or shall we ignore them, hate them, or even leave this life?

You are Loved.

It amazes me how many people wrestle with this statement.  We seek validation by earning the love of others.  And when we receive it, we are often so blinded by the struggle we cannot accept this gift. 

There is someone on this planet that loves you.  No matter what you have done in your life, where you have been, and what trajectory your life is headed, someone loves you.  Not a blinded, blank check love of some random person you do not know.  There is someone tangible in your world that cares about you.  A person that misses you when your gone for a few weeks.  That desires your company and presence.  Someone that wants good for your life and is willing to go to great lengths to see that through.  People that God has placed in your way to tangibly exemplify how He feels about you.

You do not need to withdraw or be alone.  If you are surrounded by people that hurt you, bully you, or bring you down, remove them from your life.  It is your life and you determine who plays a role in it.  This may be as simple as unfriending someone on Facebook or as difficult as moving to another town and starting over.  Either way the work is worth the payoff.  Surround yourself with people that know and appreciate your worth.  Envelope yourself in their love.  Fill your life with people that know you are beautiful.


If you or someone you know is contemplating life-threating thoughts because of this or any other reason, we encourage you to seek professional assistance and counseling.

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