Monday, September 17, 2012

Sitting in a Park

Hello Beautiful

A grassy hill rolled down from under my feet like a velvet carpet.  In the distance the tree line protected this devoted place from the rush of roads, cars and busy people.  The skyline interrupted with towers attesting to our creativity, success and strength.  A low ceiling of clouds gave a sense of enclosed security; transforming the vast space into a comfortable living room. 

Kids playing. Dogs running. Teens skating.  Couples holding hands.  I have stepped into a scene from a movie, complete with a fly-by from a squadron of fighter jets in an airshow nearby.  It is here that stories are made and told.  As I sat conversing with a new friend a collision of past, present and future unfolded on this scenic stage.  A fairytale version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” A laugh. A serious moment.  An awkward tale. All played out in the dance of a forming friendship.

There is a delicacy at the beginning of every relationship.  A ballet between snowflakes and warm hands.  Too quickly and the snow liquefies.  Too slowly and one fleetingly escapes the other.  A beautiful movement of control from the minds cautious walls to the hearts desire for acceptance. 

We were made for relationships.  Every time I am engaged in a new encounter with someone I am reminded of how critical relationships are to our humanity.  We crave people.  It was ingenious of God to place the desire for relationships fundamental in mankind.  Our love and desire for our fellow man is an illumination into how jealous our God is for us.  A miniscule portrayal of how much He wants us. A sampling of His unfathomable Love.

As any number of combinations of lives encircled me in the park—friends, lovers, widows, loners—I realized all were placed there by some relationship they experienced.  And each person a direct result of every individual they encountered.  Every possibility lays before you when you are sitting in a park.

You are Beautiful.

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