Monday, September 3, 2012

A Shift in the Heart

Hello Beautiful

I sit in the living room with a house full of dishes and half eaten food; pillows strewn all over the floor and bed sheets waiting by the laundry doors.  Artifacts of a house full of guests the evening before.  I love having my home full of people as much as I enjoy the tranquility of its emptiness.

It is in these times of quiet that I reflex on the success of my character.  Was I a good host?  Did I say anything inappropriate?   What do I want to change in my life?  What have I tried to change unsuccessful? 

These questions are not new thoughts of mine.  What has changed in the last month is a shift in tactics to tackle these issues.  Over the years I have tried and written about many methods for change: going to war, quiet reflection, making a choice, etc.  All incredibly useful agents.  However I have been reading a lot about a new and powerful agent of change: Love. 

We all know love can cause us to do crazy things like go sky diving for a girl or go to war for ones country.  God’s Love for us sent a Savior to deliver us from the sinful things in our lives.  But there is another aspect of Love that is an untapped source for strength in change: our Love for God. 

HE LOVES US. There is no substitute for it.  It can never be overstated.  We can never fully comprehend it.  It envelopes us whether we realize it or not.  The questions is how much do we Love Him.  Are we lukewarm for Him or are we passionately in Love.  Be honest with yourself right now.  Some days my answer to that question is “Not that much.”  Other days it is “Whole heartedly.”  Lately, when I want to see change in my life I make a decision change will come because of my Love for God.  I will be a better friend, not for my own needs, choice or desire, but because I Love God and He Loves my friends.  I will win the battle against my flesh because I Love God.  I will excel at work because I Love God.

Love is a strong force. Use it to make changes in your life.  To become the person you want to be.   To see you are beautiful

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