Monday, August 20, 2012

Do Nothing

Hello Beautiful

The batteries are running low.  I look down at my iPad and the power has been drained more than normal.  I charged it last night; just as every other night.  The same is true of my cell phone.  There is nothing wrong with them.  The batteries aren’t dying, the chargers are working, and the charge time is sufficient.  They have both been used more than usual.

I am quite tethered to my mobile devices.  So it is no surprise that a thermometer reading of my life may be gleaned from them.  I am in a season of life where my batteries are low.  But it is in these hours of recovery that our comprehension of God is expanded and we are made stronger.  The kinetic energy of our humanity is paused and we are forced to plug-in.  The weeks of driving around, late night builds, long office hours, and continuous outpour are over.  The busyness has come to an end.

Enter in a season of rest, reading, and some good old fashioned couch time.  I crushed a season of a new show on Netflix while simultaneously returning to my Francis Chan book.  This afternoon I beat the the daylights out of my drum set as I complained to God in healthy worship.  Last night I laid awake dreaming; allowing God to recharge my mind with visions of new websites, photos, and set designs.

There are times we are to do nothing because we have nothing left to give.  We have all approached the theoretical state of absolute zero: the idea that matter can reach such an inert state of energy that its temperature reads nothing.  Yet physics states that energy will always flow.  We will always be charged back up.  We simply need to wait, rest, and listen.

So for now I drench myself in the silence that is between battles.  Stop and listen to the rain fall.  Allow God to speak Love and dreams and creation and hope and healing and restoration into your heart.  Clean the house and catch up with friends.  Evaluate your life.  For perhaps not tomorrow, but maybe the next day, we go to battle again.  And it will be even greater.  But you will be stronger.  You are a fierce creation.  You are beautiful.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Manifestation of Hope

Hello Beautiful

A friend was involved in a work-related accident this weekend.  As he lay in the ICU ward of the hospital, bruised and as still as lifelessness, a war was engaged for his life on both a spiritual and microcellular level. 

In the waiting room nearby a bustle of action was unfolding.  As his wife sat overcome by emotions of fear, stress, and confusion, the world around her moved to bear the weight.  The young man’s work coordinated medical, lodging, and other logistic arrangements.  Their friends brought food, prayers, and emotional comfort.  The family poured in from all parts of East Coast to be with their loved ones.

The face of beauty is a room full of co-workers, friends, and family sitting together in a room to comfort a wife whose husband is fighting for his life.  A room like this is devoid of fear. In a room such as this there is hope.  By the second day this room was filled with cookies and half eaten lasagna, a guitar and laptops, sign-in books and baby bags.  It was no longer a sterile hospital environment.  It was a family room filled with love. 

The physical manifestation of beauty is not only exemplified in one’s corporal form.  It is also evident in action.  I have always struggled to understand what difference it makes to visit the sick.  To simply sit in a waiting room appears to be of little use when the medical staff is doing their job.  However to be a presence of strength and support can change someone’s world.  To know your friends are not merely saying they will stand with you, but physically move to sit with you as you cry, or eat, or fight the exhaustion in your eyes makes the difficulty bearable.  This is love.

Beauty in action is the manifestation of hope.  Hope of recovery.  Hope for a world that is broken, lost, and confused.  A reminder that God holds our fragile lives carefully in His hands.  God sent His Son to be the hope of all the world; securing healing and life for us.  Hope was moved to Beauty by the action of Love.  Bring hope to a grim place and watch it be transform.  Use your gift.  You are beautiful.