Monday, July 23, 2012

A Very Heavy Heart

Hello Beautiful

I took a nap this evening that ended in one of the saddest nightmares I have ever experienced.  It felt so real that even as I awakened I had to remind myself it was not reality to prevent myself from crying.  As I scrolled my newsfeed on Facebook, I came across the most recent post of an acquaintance.

They were an influential leader with a brilliant mind and strong heart.  Recently I began to see curious posts on their Facebook.  Post that questioned our perception of religion, politics, and capitalism.  I was a fan.  We are constantly bombarded with information from every portion of life, we hardly have a second to think and challenge these ideologies.  Yet as I read the latest post I began to feel worry and sorrow that this line of questioning had gone too far.  I dare not judge their stance on the subjects, this is not the place nor is it relevant.

What terrifies me is how they jumped from questioning man, to questioning God; seeking a higher self-enlightenment.  If we began with the premise that humanity and its systems are fallible and corrupt, how did we end up trusting in our own humanities thoughts, instead of a loving, all-powerful, mighty, and perfect God?  I was grieved inside as I saw this progression unfold.  A sadness on par with my nightmare; a vision that coincided with my acquaintance’s post.

Question the systems of the world around you—religion, politics, economy—and find their faults.  But do not completely write off the system; become a part of the solution.  I am reminded of when Christ became angry in the temple.  He was upset with the current state of religion, but did not come to destroy the church, rather to save it.  God calls us to love, joy, and peace.  To create beauty and exert our dominion over the Earth not as a destructive force, but as its care-takers.  To be a part of the solution the world needs; not to remove ourselves from it.  It is when we lose our focus that our fallibility comes forward.  But when we focus on God’s original plan, an intimate relationship with Him, our beauty and perfection are founded in His.

I write to you with a very heavy heart,
You are beautiful.

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  1. I totally agree..
    Your last paragraph says it all; Jesus came not to destroy the Church, but to save it.