Monday, June 18, 2012

It’s OK to Cry

Hello Beautiful

Often times we wander through life pondering how we ended up here.  A series of unfolding events replays in our minds like a Frank Miller film noir.  A seemingly small step, tiny compromise, or a missed opportunity unravels a path into a world we never imagined would be realized.  And there we sit, at the bottom of our life’s canyon, staring at the impossible cliffs we must ascend to see the light of day.

Our depths may take different forms.  Divorce.  A failing grade.  Unemployment.  Overwhelming stress.  Illness.  Whatever manifestation our obstacle takes, it overshadows the hope of the sun.  It is at these moments in life I feel there is one appropriate response: crying.

It is ok to cry.  We are told that crying is a weak response that yields no solutions to real problems.  While crying may not solve any problems, it is an important step to forward movement in times desperation.  There is no shortage of articles to be found on the stress relief benefits of crying.  However there is more to crying than just temporarily giving up the restraints on our tear ducts.

Crying is a sign of surrender.  It allows us to realize that we are not in control.  Through our saline filled faces and mucus engrossed nasal passages we divulge our weakness and exchange it for Godly strength.  David, one of the most accomplished and mightiest men in Biblical history often wrote Psalms crying in surrender to God.  Psalms 141 is one of many accounts describing his sorrow.

A healthy cry allows us to spell out to our loving Father the weight we have been carrying on our shoulders.  We let go; releasing the fragments of life we have been trying to hold together like a glass vase fracturing in our clumsy hands.  We trade our broken vase for a new block of clay. 

It is here, at the bottom of a canyon, holding new clay, that we find the opportunity to create beauty again.  Feel the sun’s light at the height of noon reach down and meet you.  Regain the strength to push back the canyon walls that are closing in.  There is a long journey ahead of you.  A series of events that will unfold and speak of how you are beautiful.

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