Monday, June 25, 2012

Frozen Memories and Progress

Hello Beautiful

The amazing part of weddings is their ability to congregate friends and family from dispersed ends into one location.  This past weekend one of my best friends from college was betrothed. As we watched our friends vow their faithfulness and love for one another our hearts were filled with overwhelming joy, which later turned into merriment.

In our small college town the juxtaposition of frozen memories and progress became the backdrop of new adventures.  As we caught up on the years that have past since we last were together we are reminded of why our friendships have withstood the trial of distance and time.  We are still able to divulge embarrassing stories with love and acceptance, celebrate the successes, and express genuine concerns for each others happiness. A few midnight walks through town allowed us to make new memories—taking silly photos, scaling trains, and simply being young and happy.

—We all change—
—We all stay the same—

It is interesting in this place of pause to see how much we all change and how much stays the same.  As I see my friends growing into their new careers, homes, churches, and lives I realize that Beauty contains an element of time.  Like the maturation of fine wine, weathering of a barn, or aging of Sean Connery.  As we step through life we become more and more the people God has desired us to be all along.  “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” (Psalms 37:23). 

As I departed down the beautiful mountains of Virginia, returning to my new home at the ocean, a surreality surrounded me.  I am leaving some of the best friends in the world, a past life, to be rejoined with my new friends who are proving their great worth.  Faded are the memories of loneliness from my original arrival at the beach.  Instead I am filled with love by the lives that have encircled my life, both past and present. 

My steps have been ordered.  Through life we drive down a road of ever changing scenes.  As we surrender navigation to One who has mapped a course far more adventurous and beautiful than we could ever imagine, our lives will be beset by richness.  We will grow and develop beyond our dreams.  And you will be beautiful.

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