Monday, May 21, 2012

Parts of a Dance

Hello Beautiful

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Bethel School of the Arts Spring recital.  This performance featured dancers from a broad range of levels and varying styles.  From tap to hip-hop, pre-schoolers to professionals; each piece brought something different.  The theme of the show was the seven continents, and each dance highlighted a unique characteristic of the various regions of our planet.

It is incredible to think about the diversity of our planet.  We are often stuck in our small portion of the world, considering only those with whom we interact .  But watching these dances that featured only a finite number of cultures from around the world, forced me to consider how vast our globe is.  I have not visited the rice fields of China and considered the lives of those who tend them.  Nor have I seen the mountains of Ireland and learned the culture of the shepherds.  All over this world—each continent, country, region, tribe—all have their own way of life different from mine.  Lives full of a myriad of experiences.

I often wonder how God chooses to place each person on this planet.  Our lives are not accidents, but a purposeful plan of a Loving Creator.  Each unique life positioned to add to the masterful interplay of causality.  Throw-in free will as a wild card and the angelic host are privileged to watch the an intricate display of interactions. 

It is not globalized chaos.  It is a woven tapestry filled with individuals.  Each strand placed purposefully and uniquely.  As we dance through life we should consider the part each of us plays as individuals and the role each culture plays as a globalized race.  Whether we are adolescents in a ballet piece or adults in lyrical dance our individualized roles contributes to the entire show.  A show where the Choreographer believes each one of you are beautiful.

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