Monday, May 21, 2012

Parts of a Dance

Hello Beautiful

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Bethel School of the Arts Spring recital.  This performance featured dancers from a broad range of levels and varying styles.  From tap to hip-hop, pre-schoolers to professionals; each piece brought something different.  The theme of the show was the seven continents, and each dance highlighted a unique characteristic of the various regions of our planet.

It is incredible to think about the diversity of our planet.  We are often stuck in our small portion of the world, considering only those with whom we interact .  But watching these dances that featured only a finite number of cultures from around the world, forced me to consider how vast our globe is.  I have not visited the rice fields of China and considered the lives of those who tend them.  Nor have I seen the mountains of Ireland and learned the culture of the shepherds.  All over this world—each continent, country, region, tribe—all have their own way of life different from mine.  Lives full of a myriad of experiences.

I often wonder how God chooses to place each person on this planet.  Our lives are not accidents, but a purposeful plan of a Loving Creator.  Each unique life positioned to add to the masterful interplay of causality.  Throw-in free will as a wild card and the angelic host are privileged to watch the an intricate display of interactions. 

It is not globalized chaos.  It is a woven tapestry filled with individuals.  Each strand placed purposefully and uniquely.  As we dance through life we should consider the part each of us plays as individuals and the role each culture plays as a globalized race.  Whether we are adolescents in a ballet piece or adults in lyrical dance our individualized roles contributes to the entire show.  A show where the Choreographer believes each one of you are beautiful.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello Beautiful

Humans impress me.  I am fascinated by their capability for compassion, creativity, and competition.  Their innate need for love and acceptance.  The lengths they take to obtain the object of their desire; whether material or emotional.  Have you ever paused and observed humanity? 

In a party you may witness a delicate exchange of needs as people buzz through the room as bees working in a hive.  They carefully pass ideas, flirtation, comedy, and food between one another.  Each bringing a supply.  Each filling a need.  The politician receives attention.  The romantic a new interest.  The comedian a stage. And the chef praise.  Sometimes for the betterment of all.  Sometimes for an ill-filled need.

In a museum, concert hall, or theater one will discover the human ability to create.  A laborious investment of one’s self into the perfection of a new thought.  Explicating the idea in the form of a painting, symphony, or ballet.  They connect with their audience through a medium of their choosing, allowing them to not only affect their own lives through its inception, but all those able to participate in the existence of the piece.

In a classroom we learn of the endeavors of humanity.  Our need for world conquest, medical cures, and scientific discovery.  Weather we wish to rule a nation, vaccinate HIV, or accelerate atoms, it is a characteristic of humans to push our limits.  We study harder and train longer as we seek to obtain our goals.

When I read the account of Creation in the Bible I am fascinated by the idea of humanity being created out of God’s image.  We have been set apart from everything else created.  Not just other animals, but every bacteria, plant, dust, or star.  We were instilled with God’s “breath of life” (Gen 2:7), chosen to bear a distinctly different mark from the rest of the Universe.  And with that the ability for greatness.

What are we doing with our apportionment of “breath”?  Satisfying our own needs will not lead us very far.  Pushing the limits, contributing to the hive, and affecting our world will take us further.  But our full realization will only come by breathing in tune with the Father’s breath for our lives.  It is in His rhythm and depth that we find our purpose and see our needs and dreams fulfilled.  It is through this breath that you are beautiful.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Trust glue

Hello Beautiful

I was conversing with a close friend about the fragility of relationships.  All of our relationships, romantic, familial, or amicable, have a sense of delicacy.  I am reminded of the flowers I saw last spring in the botanical garden.  The fragility of their short lives is matched by the strength of their beauty.

The strength in interpersonal relationships stems from trust.  When we place trust in another individual we choose not only to allow them next to us, but we invite them into our world.  I think one of the largest misconceptions about relationships is they inherently have a level of trust.  Especially if that trust has had no reason to be.  Trust is earned and developed over time.  Not necessarily time that is measured by a clock, but time measured in experience. 

Soldiers build a deep trust in battle.  Trust among friends grows when they come through in a time of need.  Business partners earn trust with each fair deal.  We are foolish when we place a distortional amount of trust in individuals.  It is how internet scams make their money and predators take advantage of the bar scene.  We are cautious of these extreme forms of misplaced trust.  Our troubles stem from the trust we place in those close to us.  Those who do not mean to hurt us.

Trust is the binding agent of intertwined lives.  If you have too much glue and not enough material, the two items will never stick.  The amount of trust should be proportional to the depth of the relationship.  I trust my brother greatly.  Though he has let me down in our lifetime, overall he comes through when I need him.  He is the only one I trust with my passwords, bank information, and other great secrets of my life.  My close friends I also trust greatly.  They have not done anything to break my trust, but they have not earned the same status as my brother.  So while I would trust them to plan a weekend getaway, they are not getting a copy of the house keys just yet.

You are an amazing person.  Make people earn your trust.  It will build stronger, lasting relationships.  You deserve to have people in your life that know and respect your worth.  Friends you can count on.  People that know you are beautiful.