Monday, April 16, 2012

…to the Bride and Groom

Hello Beautiful

This weekend I had the pleasure of being best man in my brothers wedding.  A picturesque day that demarked the end of one phase in their lives and the start a great new life together.  The night before I reflected on the various relationships: their marriage, my brother, my new sister, the union of the families, etc.  The following is an excerpt from my best man speech which I feel is pertinent to all our relationships.

Now to the couple I offer you three things that I have learned about relationships and life.

1. There are moments in life that are so raw in their honesty—the warm morning sun piercing your bedroom window as you whisper I Love You in bed. A fight whose brutality can only bring you closer together. A tragic life event whose sorrow deepens your dependency on God—Cherish these moments where our humanity is realized.

2. Leave it all on the Table- Life and marriage are not games of poker. They are a battleground in which you must fight each day with all your strength. The glorious stories of heroes and heroines are those in which all their energy was expended. Show up prepared to take nothing home because this is your new home now.

3. And make your dreams come true. You live before a loving God that has great dreams yet to be realized. And while today we celebrate a significant portion of your dreams coming true, continue to battle for the amazing things God has for you. The best is yet to come.

As I stood next to my brother at the alter surrounded by family and friends, strangers and roommates, a beautiful landscape and a great music, I was able to really appreciate the beauty of the moment.  I realized that this wedding was an amazing moment because there was effort and work put into it.  This was an intentionally created moment. 

My prayer and hope is that each of you will find triumph in your relationships and life. There is so much out there for you. Go out and take hold of it because you are beautiful.

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