Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Hello Beautiful

This week is the one year anniversary of "Beautiful be Alejandro J. Medina Studios". This past year has been a great adventure in the investigation of beauty through literary expression. We have had over 2,500 hits on the blog page, several readers via email, and many more on Facebook. Our Facebook Fan Page has more than doubled in fans.  And we continue to get more and more hits on our website,

But most importantly people are being communicated the message of beauty in and around them.  Our readers constantly comment on their restored belief in God and renewed confidence in themselves.  Our hope with this blog is to bring you a message of inspiration. We want you to be inspired by the environment around you. Inspired to change your world. And inspired to know your worth.

I want to take a moment to first celebrate the success of this past years adventure. What began as a small vision from God is being blessed into a large success.  I want to also thank all the loyal readers. And I want to let you know about some exciting things you can look forward to.

The nature of the blog is not going to change; beauty from a design and Christian perspective. We hope to bring you a blog once a month about real people beautifying their world.  These will hopefully correspond with the featured photo of the month. You should also see some new authors. And we plan to release a book of the first years blog later in 2012, not just in print, but also on iPad.

Alejandro J. Medina Studios will also be undergoing some changes. We are currently working on our non-profit 501(c)(3) paperwork. Allowing us to accept donations and continue developing our work in the non-profit realm. There is a lot I could write about those efforts—from the websites we plan to host to our long term efforts overseas.  But all our efforts can be summarized in our slogan: "Creating for the Creator".

We hope that you continue to join and support us as we explore "the Beautiful" and expand our reach. Thank You.

You are Beautiful.
Alejandro J. Medina

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