Monday, April 2, 2012

Changing the Lens

Hello Beautiful

I decided to take my photography to a new level by investing in a high end lens.  When it arrived I could hardly wait to begin shooting.  Its high-end glass and smooth focusing has already begun to influence my art.  Each time I look through this lens I feel as though I am looking at the world in a new light.  This past weekend I did a photo shoot with a new model, but it had similar shots and scenarios I have taken in the past.  With the change in lens I could see new angles and techniques for perfecting the shot.

It would be a simple conclusion to say that the new lens has given me a technological advantage to take more sophisticated photos.  However it is not just the lens that changed.  The new equipment has also changed me.  it has given me a new appreciation for things that I see everyday.  I desire to think more creatively, to see more clearly, and to process more thoroughly. 

There are so many areas in our lives where we wish we could change the lens.  We get stuck using the same 50mm lens and view life in a simple but static mode.  We go to work, hit the gym, make dinner, watch TV, a little hobby time, Facebook, a tweet, and then bed.  Day after day.  If not our daily routine, our relationships may be static.  Our fiends are all the same.  Our romantic relationships have a similar cycle.  Or our troubles with our family remain as unspoken heartaches.

We need to make a change.  The only way to break the monotonous patterns of the dissatisfying areas of our lives is to change our vision.  With new vision we will be able to see the problems and solutions in a new light.  Changing the lens in life could be as simple as seeking advice from a friend or as drastic as relocating to a different state.

I refuse to believe that we were meant to lead boring lives.  Life is an adventure that we were created to enjoy.  Even in our daily routine we can find excitement with friends and family.  It may just be a matter of changing a lens and seeing how wonderful our lives truly are.  A new perspective to show you are beautiful.

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