Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Hello Beautiful

This week is the one year anniversary of "Beautiful be Alejandro J. Medina Studios". This past year has been a great adventure in the investigation of beauty through literary expression. We have had over 2,500 hits on the blog page, several readers via email, and many more on Facebook. Our Facebook Fan Page has more than doubled in fans.  And we continue to get more and more hits on our website,

But most importantly people are being communicated the message of beauty in and around them.  Our readers constantly comment on their restored belief in God and renewed confidence in themselves.  Our hope with this blog is to bring you a message of inspiration. We want you to be inspired by the environment around you. Inspired to change your world. And inspired to know your worth.

I want to take a moment to first celebrate the success of this past years adventure. What began as a small vision from God is being blessed into a large success.  I want to also thank all the loyal readers. And I want to let you know about some exciting things you can look forward to.

The nature of the blog is not going to change; beauty from a design and Christian perspective. We hope to bring you a blog once a month about real people beautifying their world.  These will hopefully correspond with the featured photo of the month. You should also see some new authors. And we plan to release a book of the first years blog later in 2012, not just in print, but also on iPad.

Alejandro J. Medina Studios will also be undergoing some changes. We are currently working on our non-profit 501(c)(3) paperwork. Allowing us to accept donations and continue developing our work in the non-profit realm. There is a lot I could write about those efforts—from the websites we plan to host to our long term efforts overseas.  But all our efforts can be summarized in our slogan: "Creating for the Creator".

We hope that you continue to join and support us as we explore "the Beautiful" and expand our reach. Thank You.

You are Beautiful.
Alejandro J. Medina

Monday, April 23, 2012

Health and Beauty

Hello Beautiful

Several months ago my friends and I were playing Frisbee, taking pictures, and having a great Sunday afternoon.  When I saw the photos, I was shocked to see myself.  I looked big.  A disheartening moment, I ventured onto a scale and realized that gravity had increased by 20 lbs. I became very self-aware of the adverse affects my daily habits were having on my health.  I also noticed it take a toll on my self-esteem, energy, and outlook on life.

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to trim back down.  It has been many years since I was 20, I should stop treating my body as such.  I can no longer eat hot dogs weekly or pound down a Hardee’s Thickburger without consequences.  Since January I have cut out most overly processed foods and began to work out a little.  Nothing crazy.  I hate doing health stuff.  But its an investment in my life.  As intellectuals we focus so much on developing mentally and socially that our society has forgotten to mature physically. 

Our bodies are finely tuned machines.  The Bible says to treat the body as a temple.  As such it deserves not only respect, but maintenance.  How can your God purpose be fully realized if you are not doing your part to be physically well?  We cannot help our neighbors move into a new homes if we cannot walk without wheezing.  We cannot counsel our friends about self-respect if we do not respect our own bodies.  And how can we see restored relationships in our families if we feel too sluggish to put in the work. 

Personally I have not only lost weight, but I also feel more alive and active.  I have more energy to invest in my friends, family, and church.  I can think more clearly, advise more wisely, and create more beautifully.

Our Creator wants to see us live “life more abundantly.”  That means not just barely surviving, but thriving.  We all understand there are extreme medical circumstances and there is great healing for those cases.  But we need to stop hiding behind the excuses of bad genes, medical diagnosis, and blinded outlooks on beauty.  When you rise past the excuses and dare to seek and live a full life, you are beautiful.

Monday, April 16, 2012

…to the Bride and Groom

Hello Beautiful

This weekend I had the pleasure of being best man in my brothers wedding.  A picturesque day that demarked the end of one phase in their lives and the start a great new life together.  The night before I reflected on the various relationships: their marriage, my brother, my new sister, the union of the families, etc.  The following is an excerpt from my best man speech which I feel is pertinent to all our relationships.

Now to the couple I offer you three things that I have learned about relationships and life.

1. There are moments in life that are so raw in their honesty—the warm morning sun piercing your bedroom window as you whisper I Love You in bed. A fight whose brutality can only bring you closer together. A tragic life event whose sorrow deepens your dependency on God—Cherish these moments where our humanity is realized.

2. Leave it all on the Table- Life and marriage are not games of poker. They are a battleground in which you must fight each day with all your strength. The glorious stories of heroes and heroines are those in which all their energy was expended. Show up prepared to take nothing home because this is your new home now.

3. And make your dreams come true. You live before a loving God that has great dreams yet to be realized. And while today we celebrate a significant portion of your dreams coming true, continue to battle for the amazing things God has for you. The best is yet to come.

As I stood next to my brother at the alter surrounded by family and friends, strangers and roommates, a beautiful landscape and a great music, I was able to really appreciate the beauty of the moment.  I realized that this wedding was an amazing moment because there was effort and work put into it.  This was an intentionally created moment. 

My prayer and hope is that each of you will find triumph in your relationships and life. There is so much out there for you. Go out and take hold of it because you are beautiful.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Changing the Lens

Hello Beautiful

I decided to take my photography to a new level by investing in a high end lens.  When it arrived I could hardly wait to begin shooting.  Its high-end glass and smooth focusing has already begun to influence my art.  Each time I look through this lens I feel as though I am looking at the world in a new light.  This past weekend I did a photo shoot with a new model, but it had similar shots and scenarios I have taken in the past.  With the change in lens I could see new angles and techniques for perfecting the shot.

It would be a simple conclusion to say that the new lens has given me a technological advantage to take more sophisticated photos.  However it is not just the lens that changed.  The new equipment has also changed me.  it has given me a new appreciation for things that I see everyday.  I desire to think more creatively, to see more clearly, and to process more thoroughly. 

There are so many areas in our lives where we wish we could change the lens.  We get stuck using the same 50mm lens and view life in a simple but static mode.  We go to work, hit the gym, make dinner, watch TV, a little hobby time, Facebook, a tweet, and then bed.  Day after day.  If not our daily routine, our relationships may be static.  Our fiends are all the same.  Our romantic relationships have a similar cycle.  Or our troubles with our family remain as unspoken heartaches.

We need to make a change.  The only way to break the monotonous patterns of the dissatisfying areas of our lives is to change our vision.  With new vision we will be able to see the problems and solutions in a new light.  Changing the lens in life could be as simple as seeking advice from a friend or as drastic as relocating to a different state.

I refuse to believe that we were meant to lead boring lives.  Life is an adventure that we were created to enjoy.  Even in our daily routine we can find excitement with friends and family.  It may just be a matter of changing a lens and seeing how wonderful our lives truly are.  A new perspective to show you are beautiful.