Monday, March 5, 2012

Set a Fire

Hello Beautiful

This weekend I had the honor of working at a women’s conference.  Behind the scenes I was able to observe and participate in an awe-striking clock-like machine.  Each person knew what needed to be done, and did so with pride and excellence.  The payoffs were instant.  There were literally thousands of thankful women with smiles and tears on their faces.  The Tweets and Facebook posts will echo out the transformed lives for weeks to come.

To willingly and selflessly serve another is one of the most beautiful actions we can execute.  So often our lives are filled with selfish ambitions.  Forward movement in careers.  Neediness in relationships.  Attitude with a waitress.  Even some of our “acts of service” are performed with selfish motives.  In these scenarios we indeed reap what we sow.  When we sow greed, we may have short term gain, but ultimately we will be repaid with greed.  When we serve with alternative motives, eventually our true self comes to light.

I challenge you serve in a manner that is a no win scenario for you.  Not to an extreme that is self-deprecating.  The men that served at the women’s conference had very little to gain from being there.  There was no monetary compensation, no phone numbers given, and no prizes won.  But they stored up their treasures.  Some which they will no receive until the next life, and some which they will receive in this one.  The single men on the sound team will find amazing Godly wives that are out of their league.  The dad’s in the nursery spent valuable time with their children.  The student volunteers gained practical experience to their classroom learning.  But everyone cashed in on one major payout: blessing another.

To affect another person’s life in a pure and positive manner is a rare experience in our world.  When we have the opportunity to pour ourselves out and see a life transformed we should seize the moment.  There is a glow that emanates from the depths of one’s heart whose embers may only be set ablaze by another reaching in and fanning the flame with God breathed winds.  Once ignited, this fire becomes an explosive force that affects the world around it, causing an wake of constructive energy.  Building up  lives.  Tearing down lies.

Bless a life, for you are beautiful.

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