Monday, March 12, 2012

Beauty Tuning

Hello Beautiful

I wanted to take a week to return to beauty as a defined term.  More and more I am coming to understand beauty as the physical manifestation of an inward state.  Many people say “beauty is what's on the inside.”  Lies.  Load of bologna.  Dare I even declare that is what ugly people say?  You are not ugly so do not say that.  If we all believed that beauty was what is on the inside we would all be fine with never using make-up, deodorant, hair salons, or name-brand clothing.  Physical attraction would lose its value and all that would matter is if you are a “nice person”.  Being a “nice person” does not make you beautiful.  It makes you nice.  Beauty is a characteristic that must be drawn out.

I was practicing drums earlier.  Made of warm wood and fairly new drumheads, they intrinsically possess the potential for amazing sound.  I even keep them free from dust and the hardware polished to show care has been taken.  Yet today when I struck a drumhead I was met with a disappointing “thud.”  Inside everything was “nice.”  Outside things were “pretty” as well.  However the tuning was off.  There was a slight refinement required to draw out a beautiful sound.  The small tweak allowed the air inside the drum to vibrate at the appropriate frequency to produce a warm resonance that could be pleasingly received by my ears.

I designed some pillows that my grandmother sewed for me.  They came out even more beautiful than I imagined.  I look at them with pride as this is something that I conceived, gathered quality materials to create, and used a skilled seamstress to realize.  It’s potential was manifested into a physical thing that I love.  I consider how much our Creator loves us because we are His creation.  A love that is not earned.  Then I think of how pleased He becomes with us when we put in the effort to be more complete beings; working on both our inner character and our physical beauty.

By virtue of being created you are full of purpose, worth, and value.  Your potential for incredible character is equal to the greatest people throughout history.  Refine the connection between what is inside you and what the rest of the world sees.  Take the challenge and physically manifest that you are beautiful.

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