Monday, March 26, 2012

They do exist

Hello Beautiful
There is an old song by Christian hip-hop & RnB group G.R.I.T.S. called “I be.”  At the end of this track is a rhythmic spoken word that has been echoing in my heart for weeks.  Performed by a girl speaking to other ladies, it encouragingly depicts the truth of seeking (and finding) the right person in a relationship. 

My favorite line says:
“Godly, Ambitious, educated brothers do exist
You just cant see ‘cause your visions twisted”
There is so much packed into those two lines.  It is a reminder in our feeble moments of loneliness not to settle for Mr./Miss Good E. Nough.  So many times we feel as though every great person we meet is already in a relationship.  Logically we can deduce it is not possible that all the great men and all the great women are taken.  Clearly we must have a flawed vision. We cannot see the person of our dreams because of our own brokenness. 
Our self-esteem, Godly servant-hood, and life aspirations all affects our ability to find a mate with similar qualities of greatness.  In order to find a “Godly, ambitious, educated” mate, you must become Godly, ambitious, and educated.  These lines encourage me to continually refine myself for my future wife.  Become the person that someone falls in love with because of your intellect, dreams, and Love for your Creator.  The physical manifestation of your beauty is directly correlated to there being something inwardly beautiful to manifest.
And untwist your vision.  Stop looking for a mate in the wrong places.  Open your eyes to the qualities that really matter in a person.  See past the superficial and find the heart of a person.  One line in the song says, “Kings don’t rock crowns in crowds. For what? They’re more secure than that.”  You won’t see a great man flashing his prestige in public; you will have to seek after their character to find their amazing worth. 
Be patient and know your own worth.   Settling will not meet the void you feel in your heart.  It is setting yourself up for failure and heartache.  Understand your greatness and hold yourself, and your significant other, to a higher standard.  You deserve someone that knows you are beautiful.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter turns to Summer

Hello Beautiful

I love the end of Men in Black II when Agent K is convincing Laura she is an Alien.

Agent K: When you get sad it always seems to rain.
Laura: Lots of people get sad when it rains!
Agent K: It rains because you're sad baby.

There are many days that I feel as though God makes it rain because I am sad.  I love those moments because it reminds me that He empathizes and cares about my distressing day.

Lately the weather where I live has been absolutely beautiful.  Vividly blue skies, 70 degree temperature, and a gentle breeze have brought in a gorgeous spring.  This unseasonably beautiful weather matches how amazing my life has been this past month.  The days have been full of barbeques and band practice. Friends gathering for fun and for worship.  Work is less stressful and the house is clean.  There is an alignment in my life that lets me know the winter has passed.

I love that we refer to life as having seasons.  It lets us know when we are going through a tough time relief will come soon.  Whether it is medical problems, family troubles, or financial hardships, we can always have hope that these things will pass.  Humans heal, relationships may be restored, and finances can be recovered.  We must heavily remind ourselves that Hope never leaves our side.  We have to fight to get out of winter’s storm.

When we are in a sunny season, we should remind ourselves to make preparations for the next storm.  Preventive maintenance on our bodies is as simple as eating right and exercising.  Our relationships will survive strain if we invest in them with time and memories.  The next financial crisis will be more bearable if we put money into savings.  And most importantly, enjoying the good seasons and reducing our stress levels will go a long way to a healthier, balanced life.

Seasons are constantly changing in life.  It is natural for us to cry when it is raining and celebrate when the sun is shining.  What is important is that we continue to move forward with faith and hope that we were created for better things.  We live before a God that wants to see you constantly grow. A loving Father that wants you to see in all seasons you are beautiful.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beauty Tuning

Hello Beautiful

I wanted to take a week to return to beauty as a defined term.  More and more I am coming to understand beauty as the physical manifestation of an inward state.  Many people say “beauty is what's on the inside.”  Lies.  Load of bologna.  Dare I even declare that is what ugly people say?  You are not ugly so do not say that.  If we all believed that beauty was what is on the inside we would all be fine with never using make-up, deodorant, hair salons, or name-brand clothing.  Physical attraction would lose its value and all that would matter is if you are a “nice person”.  Being a “nice person” does not make you beautiful.  It makes you nice.  Beauty is a characteristic that must be drawn out.

I was practicing drums earlier.  Made of warm wood and fairly new drumheads, they intrinsically possess the potential for amazing sound.  I even keep them free from dust and the hardware polished to show care has been taken.  Yet today when I struck a drumhead I was met with a disappointing “thud.”  Inside everything was “nice.”  Outside things were “pretty” as well.  However the tuning was off.  There was a slight refinement required to draw out a beautiful sound.  The small tweak allowed the air inside the drum to vibrate at the appropriate frequency to produce a warm resonance that could be pleasingly received by my ears.

I designed some pillows that my grandmother sewed for me.  They came out even more beautiful than I imagined.  I look at them with pride as this is something that I conceived, gathered quality materials to create, and used a skilled seamstress to realize.  It’s potential was manifested into a physical thing that I love.  I consider how much our Creator loves us because we are His creation.  A love that is not earned.  Then I think of how pleased He becomes with us when we put in the effort to be more complete beings; working on both our inner character and our physical beauty.

By virtue of being created you are full of purpose, worth, and value.  Your potential for incredible character is equal to the greatest people throughout history.  Refine the connection between what is inside you and what the rest of the world sees.  Take the challenge and physically manifest that you are beautiful.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Set a Fire

Hello Beautiful

This weekend I had the honor of working at a women’s conference.  Behind the scenes I was able to observe and participate in an awe-striking clock-like machine.  Each person knew what needed to be done, and did so with pride and excellence.  The payoffs were instant.  There were literally thousands of thankful women with smiles and tears on their faces.  The Tweets and Facebook posts will echo out the transformed lives for weeks to come.

To willingly and selflessly serve another is one of the most beautiful actions we can execute.  So often our lives are filled with selfish ambitions.  Forward movement in careers.  Neediness in relationships.  Attitude with a waitress.  Even some of our “acts of service” are performed with selfish motives.  In these scenarios we indeed reap what we sow.  When we sow greed, we may have short term gain, but ultimately we will be repaid with greed.  When we serve with alternative motives, eventually our true self comes to light.

I challenge you serve in a manner that is a no win scenario for you.  Not to an extreme that is self-deprecating.  The men that served at the women’s conference had very little to gain from being there.  There was no monetary compensation, no phone numbers given, and no prizes won.  But they stored up their treasures.  Some which they will no receive until the next life, and some which they will receive in this one.  The single men on the sound team will find amazing Godly wives that are out of their league.  The dad’s in the nursery spent valuable time with their children.  The student volunteers gained practical experience to their classroom learning.  But everyone cashed in on one major payout: blessing another.

To affect another person’s life in a pure and positive manner is a rare experience in our world.  When we have the opportunity to pour ourselves out and see a life transformed we should seize the moment.  There is a glow that emanates from the depths of one’s heart whose embers may only be set ablaze by another reaching in and fanning the flame with God breathed winds.  Once ignited, this fire becomes an explosive force that affects the world around it, causing an wake of constructive energy.  Building up  lives.  Tearing down lies.

Bless a life, for you are beautiful.