Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello Beautiful

Mornings that are thickened by the weightiness of aerosolized water molecules provide a unique ability to experience confidence amid loneliness.  As I drove through the dense fog this morning I knew that I was in a crowd of vehicles, all with drivers sharing a similar experience to mine.  And yet in this moment I felt alone.  Not a loneliness that leaves one feeling empty, but one that yields an awareness of the individualized “self “ that is always present in a crowd.

How one sees themselves in a crowd is a direct measure of their self-esteem.  Do you feel lost in a crowd? Or are you comfortable with your nature when you are surrounded by people?  This is not to say that those with a more introverted nature have low self-esteem.  Perhaps those that are most comfortable in crowds are those that enjoy the company of others with this limited interaction that their nature is programmed to experience.  They understand the value of their nature is rooted in their own comfort level with the groups social dynamic; not in the validity that the collective yields unto them.

No one can validate you but you.  You need to have the self-esteem to understand your own worth to the world.  The difficulty with our societal deficit of self-esteem is that by its very nature it must come from ones self.  Too often we seek to boost our self confidence through beauty products, accomplishments, and popularity.  However, this is not self-esteem as it is generated by an approval from others. 

Self-esteem can only be generated by one knowing and becoming comfortable with their identity.  This awareness of identity is given through Divine revelation of understanding who the Creator has designed us to be.  Furthermore, the confidence comes from knowing that a Loving God did not create us by accident.  My college pastor, Ron Bernard, would say, “You were created with a purpose on purpose.”

Learn to be in a place that you understand who you were created to be.  In this place you can find the joy of truly self generated esteem.  A strength that no external source can come against.  A fierce power that says you are beautiful.

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