Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New You

Hello Beautiful

So much has happened since my last writing.  First day of winter.  Christmas.  New Years.  Just to name a few.  You have new scarves and a goal to lose ten pounds.  Perhaps you were given a new computer and made plans to get out of debt.  Whatever your rewards and goals, it is clear to us that the holiday season has swept through.

This year was one of the best and craziest ones for me.  It was filled with family, friends, parties, presents, surgery and solitude.  Among the highlights was receiving news that I passed my last exam and became a license architect.  One morning I awakened, read my Bible, and spent time in reflection and conversation with my Creator.  While in introspection I came to a scary but freeing realization.  I have achieved all my childhood dreams except one.  And that goal, getting married, is a little out of my hands.

I woke up and realized I was done!

Diploma. Bachelors. Masters. Website. Car. House. Architect. Close Family. AMAZING Friends.  Incredible Church. DONE!  I was baffled.  My life is so beautiful.  I literally have everything I ever wanted (except the wifey).

It would be so easy for me to retire from life right now.  But this is just phase one.  My childhood dreams have come true.  But I have been given dreams since then.  Grown-up dreams.  Some of them are simple, like becoming more fit.  Others are huge, like my vision for Alejandro J. Medina Studios.  A few are completely in God’s control, like my healing.  And several are just good fun, like being a better friend.

It is a New Year. I decided instead of a simple resolution, I am demarking a new me.  Ladies and Gentlemen its time for Alejandro J. Medina: Phase II.  Perhaps you need to look at a new phase of yourself.  Do you feel stuck, slow, or routine? Life is not a summation of tasks, but a glorious dance between dreams and accomplishments performed before a loving audience of One.  Set out this year with renewed vision for your life.  There is too much to do to sit idly by, watching others conquer the world.  You have so much to offer the world.  Dare to let us see everything you have to offer.

Happy New You Are Beautiful.

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