Monday, January 30, 2012

Curtain of Light

Hello Beautiful

One morning I was conversing with a friend.  There was no glamour in this morning.  No make-up or dresses.  No flash or light meter.  Just a mess of hair and a good chat.  Suddenly a soft curtain of light illuminated the air behind her.  From where I was positioned the radiance diffracted across chiseled lines of her face.  A glow of white light hovered like a crescent; holding her cheek and jaw bones as if to display their sculpted form. 

I have never regretted so greatly not having my camera.  As I was stunned by this beautiful eclipse my eyes analyzed the form before me.  This moment was not brought to me by blush and eye shadow.  It was not a Photoshopped smile and airbrushed features.  Furthermore this moment was not generated by any work by the girl.  She did not form the curvature of her cheek and jaw bone.  Nor did she cause the sun to illuminate the room. 

The formation of the mandible and zygomatic bone occurs in the first five months of a fetus in a process called ossification.  They are sculpted inside the womb by God-inspired developmental action.  As these two bones are shaped by a Loving Father, so are our lives molded.  Our speech, beauty, and facial recognition are all affected by this process. 

At the same time that such care is being take with the smallest details our development, an incredibly explosive reaction of hydrogen, helium, and other gases expel an unfathomable amount of energy.  An all-powerful God sends this solar energy in the form of light across the Solar System, through the various layers of atmosphere, and past the clouds.  It misses trees and houses, airplanes and roof overhangs.  The light strikes a fabric and is instantly diffused into the air.  It is here that the grand power and delicate detail of a master Creator are married into pulchritudinous moment.  A face perfectly lite. 

It is moments like these that remind me where beauty comes from.  It is something we strive to achieve.  And we should always put our best effort forward.  But we must always remember beauty is not made, it was already created.  And created by One that loves to impart this gift. As you prepare each day to look and be your best, remember it was long ago decided that you are beautiful.

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