Monday, January 30, 2012

Curtain of Light

Hello Beautiful

One morning I was conversing with a friend.  There was no glamour in this morning.  No make-up or dresses.  No flash or light meter.  Just a mess of hair and a good chat.  Suddenly a soft curtain of light illuminated the air behind her.  From where I was positioned the radiance diffracted across chiseled lines of her face.  A glow of white light hovered like a crescent; holding her cheek and jaw bones as if to display their sculpted form. 

I have never regretted so greatly not having my camera.  As I was stunned by this beautiful eclipse my eyes analyzed the form before me.  This moment was not brought to me by blush and eye shadow.  It was not a Photoshopped smile and airbrushed features.  Furthermore this moment was not generated by any work by the girl.  She did not form the curvature of her cheek and jaw bone.  Nor did she cause the sun to illuminate the room. 

The formation of the mandible and zygomatic bone occurs in the first five months of a fetus in a process called ossification.  They are sculpted inside the womb by God-inspired developmental action.  As these two bones are shaped by a Loving Father, so are our lives molded.  Our speech, beauty, and facial recognition are all affected by this process. 

At the same time that such care is being take with the smallest details our development, an incredibly explosive reaction of hydrogen, helium, and other gases expel an unfathomable amount of energy.  An all-powerful God sends this solar energy in the form of light across the Solar System, through the various layers of atmosphere, and past the clouds.  It misses trees and houses, airplanes and roof overhangs.  The light strikes a fabric and is instantly diffused into the air.  It is here that the grand power and delicate detail of a master Creator are married into pulchritudinous moment.  A face perfectly lite. 

It is moments like these that remind me where beauty comes from.  It is something we strive to achieve.  And we should always put our best effort forward.  But we must always remember beauty is not made, it was already created.  And created by One that loves to impart this gift. As you prepare each day to look and be your best, remember it was long ago decided that you are beautiful.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello Beautiful

Mornings that are thickened by the weightiness of aerosolized water molecules provide a unique ability to experience confidence amid loneliness.  As I drove through the dense fog this morning I knew that I was in a crowd of vehicles, all with drivers sharing a similar experience to mine.  And yet in this moment I felt alone.  Not a loneliness that leaves one feeling empty, but one that yields an awareness of the individualized “self “ that is always present in a crowd.

How one sees themselves in a crowd is a direct measure of their self-esteem.  Do you feel lost in a crowd? Or are you comfortable with your nature when you are surrounded by people?  This is not to say that those with a more introverted nature have low self-esteem.  Perhaps those that are most comfortable in crowds are those that enjoy the company of others with this limited interaction that their nature is programmed to experience.  They understand the value of their nature is rooted in their own comfort level with the groups social dynamic; not in the validity that the collective yields unto them.

No one can validate you but you.  You need to have the self-esteem to understand your own worth to the world.  The difficulty with our societal deficit of self-esteem is that by its very nature it must come from ones self.  Too often we seek to boost our self confidence through beauty products, accomplishments, and popularity.  However, this is not self-esteem as it is generated by an approval from others. 

Self-esteem can only be generated by one knowing and becoming comfortable with their identity.  This awareness of identity is given through Divine revelation of understanding who the Creator has designed us to be.  Furthermore, the confidence comes from knowing that a Loving God did not create us by accident.  My college pastor, Ron Bernard, would say, “You were created with a purpose on purpose.”

Learn to be in a place that you understand who you were created to be.  In this place you can find the joy of truly self generated esteem.  A strength that no external source can come against.  A fierce power that says you are beautiful.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Character Jewel

Hello Beautiful

A few weeks ago I was driving home in the solitude of the night.  The radio was playing “Doo Wop(That Thing)” by Lauryn Hill, an RnB song from the late 90’s.  Naturally I began to sing as though I were in the shower as I hurried down the highway.  This song blends the bold flavor of Lauryn Hill’s voice with an uncharacteristically honest message seldom found in mainstream music.

The lyrics call out girls for being loose with their sexuality and then feeling overcome with self-pity.  It asks why they lie to themselves in exchange for a false sense of worth.  But it doesn’t stop one sided as “The second verse is dedicated to the men…”.  Lauryn lays it on the guys for their mistreatment of women.  Their carelessness of emotions and concern for “that thing” is exposed as their insecurity amongst their peers is also uncovered.

The song, while initially concerned with issues of sexual promiscuity, is truly about character.  What are the moral and ethical traits upon which we stand? Do we have such a flippant disregard for ourselves and others that we are willing to compromise all sense of value and self-worth to get what we want?  This concept extends past the sexual.  What are we willing to sacrifice to get a cheap thrill?  To win an argument with a spouse?  To get ahead at work?

Our character is not only defined by how we treat others, but also how we allow others to treat us.  How often have we been cautioned to be wary of people that want to use us? Disrespect us? Or even be abusive towards us?  Are we so secure in our self-worth that we allow this to happen?  I love the line that says, “Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem.” 

We forget we are royalty; the daughters and sons of a King.  We take the precious stones of our lives and throw them repeatedly back into the mud.  Allowing others to trample on them.  Overlooking the worth within.  Pull your rock out of the rough.  Polish your stone.  Refine your character. And treat others with a mutual exchange of respect and worth.  Carry yourself like a jewel that proclaims you are beautiful.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New You

Hello Beautiful

So much has happened since my last writing.  First day of winter.  Christmas.  New Years.  Just to name a few.  You have new scarves and a goal to lose ten pounds.  Perhaps you were given a new computer and made plans to get out of debt.  Whatever your rewards and goals, it is clear to us that the holiday season has swept through.

This year was one of the best and craziest ones for me.  It was filled with family, friends, parties, presents, surgery and solitude.  Among the highlights was receiving news that I passed my last exam and became a license architect.  One morning I awakened, read my Bible, and spent time in reflection and conversation with my Creator.  While in introspection I came to a scary but freeing realization.  I have achieved all my childhood dreams except one.  And that goal, getting married, is a little out of my hands.

I woke up and realized I was done!

Diploma. Bachelors. Masters. Website. Car. House. Architect. Close Family. AMAZING Friends.  Incredible Church. DONE!  I was baffled.  My life is so beautiful.  I literally have everything I ever wanted (except the wifey).

It would be so easy for me to retire from life right now.  But this is just phase one.  My childhood dreams have come true.  But I have been given dreams since then.  Grown-up dreams.  Some of them are simple, like becoming more fit.  Others are huge, like my vision for Alejandro J. Medina Studios.  A few are completely in God’s control, like my healing.  And several are just good fun, like being a better friend.

It is a New Year. I decided instead of a simple resolution, I am demarking a new me.  Ladies and Gentlemen its time for Alejandro J. Medina: Phase II.  Perhaps you need to look at a new phase of yourself.  Do you feel stuck, slow, or routine? Life is not a summation of tasks, but a glorious dance between dreams and accomplishments performed before a loving audience of One.  Set out this year with renewed vision for your life.  There is too much to do to sit idly by, watching others conquer the world.  You have so much to offer the world.  Dare to let us see everything you have to offer.

Happy New You Are Beautiful.