Monday, December 12, 2011

Destructive Creation

Hello Beautiful

I am fascinated by the idea of the blank canvas.  Regularly I am confronted with blank canvases: a new drawing, computer model, website, graphic, or writing.  I stare at the expanse of space and enjoy its perfect beauty.  A vast sea of parchment or pixels void of all flaw, full of every conceivable potential, and those which have yet to be birthed.  I gaze in awe, not out of writer’s or designer’s block, but out of respect, knowing that everything I do to this canvas will only diminish its perfection before I create something of worth.

Yesterday I spent hours creating my Christmas e-card.  It began with a sketch on my dry-erase board.  Then I opened the first of many programs to begin the task of creation.  Again I was confronted with the expanse of white pixels.  I began to create and destroy, adding some of my best photos, hideous design elements, flawed lines of code, and halfway decent text.  An hour later I had a jambalaya of elements, not in a good way.  This is just the first step of creation—conception—the act of bringing a concept to life.  But to complete creation, design is required.  Design in this case is struggling and working out an object until something beautiful is created. 

Anyone can take a canvas, splash paint and call it art.  But it is not art, much less something worthwhile.  In order to transcend from the world of painting to art; pictures to photography; drawing to designing, a struggle must take place.  The conflict of will between the canvas and the creator must be resolved.

Our lives are much the same.  We begin our lives as a blank canvas.  Good and bad are added to it.  Success and tragedy. Wisdom and scars.  Memories and horrors.  Through all of this we work out our lives with an all-loving Creator.  In the end God’s desire for us is that His creation turn into something beautiful.

Throughout our lives we are presented with opportunities to start on a blank canvas.  A move, a new friendship, or even a new day each present themselves with open opportunities.  When confronted with one, stand in awe of its majestic perfection of possibilities.  Be grateful to God for this chance to create something special.  And begin to work it out. Do not quit early on creating something beautiful, for you are beautiful.

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