Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello Beautiful

Occasionally in life I find myself entertaining ideas of a self-destructive nature.  Usually provoked by some life event of ill fate.  A relationship gone wrong.  An unforeseen financial expense.  A desired goal failed.  These seemingly bleak moments in our lives incur a whirlwind of emotions; not the least of which are personally villainous. 

No contemplation has lead to a point of personal harm, this is not the struggle of my own life.  But how many of us can honestly say we have never been faced with such thoughts.  Our society is full of detrimental options for coping with temporal pain.  Excessive alcohol. Drugs. Licentiousness.  Suicide.  We have even created options that appear more acceptable such as workaholism or social withdrawal.  But all of these fail to deal with the issues in our world.  Such thoughts only seek to destroy our lives in a party of self-pity.  None of these celebrate the beauty in our hearts.  They only exemplify the ugliness that exist in our world.  Self-destruction is never beautiful.

When I experience a derailing event in my life I am often left without strength.  That is why I am thankful for the Godly wisdom to surround myself with family and friends that promote good decisions.  For a loving God that listens when bear my heart’s pain unto His, no matter how small or great the matter.  And for the guidance to deal with each unique scenario I have experienced.

Where there is opportunity for self-destruction, there is even greater prospect for self-construction.  The chance to deepen relationships with those around us.  The occasion to pick up a new hobby.   The opportunity to become more beautiful.  Once you have dealt with the initial pain in a positive manner you can be of clear consciousness to deal with the real hurt inside.  Disclose your heart to a loving God that only desires joy and love for your life.  Then find a positive solution to the problem.

No matter what you are facing do not let the self-destruct feature in your nature take over.  Diffuse the bomb, take the issue to the authorities, and make the day sunny.  Do not let a temporary event distract you from knowing that you are beautiful.

\\ If you or someone you know is actively struggling with self-destructive acts, we encourage you to seek help and counseling.\\

Monday, December 12, 2011

Destructive Creation

Hello Beautiful

I am fascinated by the idea of the blank canvas.  Regularly I am confronted with blank canvases: a new drawing, computer model, website, graphic, or writing.  I stare at the expanse of space and enjoy its perfect beauty.  A vast sea of parchment or pixels void of all flaw, full of every conceivable potential, and those which have yet to be birthed.  I gaze in awe, not out of writer’s or designer’s block, but out of respect, knowing that everything I do to this canvas will only diminish its perfection before I create something of worth.

Yesterday I spent hours creating my Christmas e-card.  It began with a sketch on my dry-erase board.  Then I opened the first of many programs to begin the task of creation.  Again I was confronted with the expanse of white pixels.  I began to create and destroy, adding some of my best photos, hideous design elements, flawed lines of code, and halfway decent text.  An hour later I had a jambalaya of elements, not in a good way.  This is just the first step of creation—conception—the act of bringing a concept to life.  But to complete creation, design is required.  Design in this case is struggling and working out an object until something beautiful is created. 

Anyone can take a canvas, splash paint and call it art.  But it is not art, much less something worthwhile.  In order to transcend from the world of painting to art; pictures to photography; drawing to designing, a struggle must take place.  The conflict of will between the canvas and the creator must be resolved.

Our lives are much the same.  We begin our lives as a blank canvas.  Good and bad are added to it.  Success and tragedy. Wisdom and scars.  Memories and horrors.  Through all of this we work out our lives with an all-loving Creator.  In the end God’s desire for us is that His creation turn into something beautiful.

Throughout our lives we are presented with opportunities to start on a blank canvas.  A move, a new friendship, or even a new day each present themselves with open opportunities.  When confronted with one, stand in awe of its majestic perfection of possibilities.  Be grateful to God for this chance to create something special.  And begin to work it out. Do not quit early on creating something beautiful, for you are beautiful.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello Beautiful

I sat in church listening to Pastor Joe speak of the value of keeping good secrets.  His words spoke to the depths of my heart.  Similar to a large warm wooden drum enveloping one with its resonance.  I began to think of all the secrets I have been entrusted with throughout the years.  Passwords. Crushes. Goals. Visions. The deep sharing of ones heart to another is among the greatest testimonies of friendship.

My favorite moments with my friends are when we are dreamstorming.  Dreamstorming is collectively aggregating conceived ideas that will change the world. This is my new term for sharing the dreams and visions for your life with another.  I love dreamstorming with my friends.  Seeing their countenance rise as they speak passionately of their desires.  Desires that were placed in their hearts by a God that has huge plans for their lives.  The glow that surrounds a person when they are speaking of their dream job, ministry, or relationship cannot be captivated. 

Dreamstorming is a delicate process.  It is so easy to have your dreams crushed by negative influences in your life.  It cost too much. It is to difficult.  No one will follow you.  These are all dream killers.  If we would cut out the dream killers in our lives we would soar to amazing levels.  Surround yourself with friends that will help you nurture and cultivate your dreams.  Friends that will not tell you how ludicrous you are, but rather how incredible are the thoughts in your heart.

Dreamstorming allows us an opportunity to spit out the rawest form of our Godly desires.  I have had the pleasure of hearing the most amazing ideas birthed.  You can see the beauty in each individuals heart as they open up and share their most treasured secret.  Cherish these moments and nurture them well.  Find a good night filled with amazing friends and have a dreamstoming session.  Precipitate a hurricane of visions, dreams, and goals. My hope is that in this you will create something incredible in your world.  And when we see it, we will know that you are beautiful.