Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello Beautiful

This weekend I had the privilege to partner with Purity’s Treasure Ministries for their conference promotional media.  I was capturing the stills for their print material as they filmed a series of shots that would later be masterfully stitched into a touching video.  As I watched these young ladies labor meticulously I was captivated once again by our desire to create something greater than our personal ambitions.

These women from all different walks—students to professionals, short to tall, and everything in between—believed in a common goal and message: purity.  This morning in my office I watched the first clip of the video and had a new revelation of purity.  Many of us are familiar with the idea of maintaining sexual purity and its importance to our relationships; both with God and man.  However, I feel that we focus so much on the consequences of purity that we perhaps forget to consider purity itself and what it can do for us.

It is difficult for finite man to image such a thing as pureness.  By our own nature, the imagination of something that is pure is impossible because we always introduce our own imperfections.  However, to strive for purity is not to achieve a flawless state, but to seek freedom.  Freedom from our hindrances and inhibitions.  During the shoot I observed girls filled with all the normal insecurities of life free themselves from their shyness.  In watching the short video clip this morning I could feel a purity of cinematography that was real and releasing.  It will inspire change and freedom because freedom was projected into it. 

In our world we have so many opportunities to lay down our hurdles.  Should we truly desire purity, change, and freedom we would combat our struggles.  We would earnestly seek Godly intervention in our lives so that we can move beyond ourselves.  Imagine if all of us could be released from the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals.  What great things could we achieve without the struggle of self-esteem, addictions, or finances?  By chasing purity we can move our world.  By seeking purity you are beautiful.

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