Monday, November 28, 2011

Friends & Christmas

Hello Beautiful

I am so crazy about Christmas time.  Each year I cannot wait to break the seal on my Christmas music, make hot chocolate with eggnog (just try it), and find the perfect gift for my family.  Yesterday I pulled out the decorations and sprinkled some magic all over my house.  After church my friends came over to eat some pizza and share stories.  My house felt so incredibly warm.

I think the holidays are best when you have amazing people surrounding you who share not only a common view, but a passion about the true meaning of Christmas.  My friends are not overcome with the consumerist horrors of Black Friday shopping, bad work parties, and apathy towards holiday music.  They are filled with child-like excitement of all the festivities because to them Christmas is the craziest birthday party for their Savior.  Each light that is strung and dish that is prepared is filled with divine love.  Each activity is purposefully driven by their joy for the birth of Christ.

I grew up in a family the also adored Christmas for the same reason.  It filled the house with so much love.  It is more than just knowing a belief.  Many people of the same faith do not find Christmas as incredible.  It is when your belief is manifest in tangible activities with great zeal that Christmas time is exceptional.  Lavishly decorated houses, elegant dinner parties, and warm fireside moments are all declarations of a deeply rooted love.

Christmas time is the most expressively beautiful times of year.  Here our hearts and our hands come together with others to share love. In music, food, film, decorations, presents, and festivities we beatify the human spirit through the celebration of the divine. When my friends come together over the next month we will create some of the best memories.  Our futures will be shaped by the mirth we will inspire.  And through all this the beauty in each of our lives will be elevated.

I hope that this Christmas season you share your love with those around you.  I hope that you share you are beautiful.

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