Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello Beautiful

Last weekend’s crisp fall air set an amazing tone for my photo shoot with Heat Entertainment’s new artist.  After spending a few hours with da Kid, I learned of his dreams and aspirations, not just in the entertainment community, but also in his pursuit of life.  His desires not only include music, but a degree in graphic design.  At the end of our session he asked me one question in reference to music and modeling: “Do you think I can make it?”

So often we ask this question.  We look for validation and encouragement from others.  We seek out milestone by which we can measure how much further we have to travel.  But we forget to see how far we have come.  “Yeah,” was my initial answer.  I expounded that he is well on his way.  We need not be so caught up in succeeding, and realize that the plan for our lives will be actualized if we simply do our part.  It is laziness that holds us from our dreams.  But it is busyness that keeps us from enjoying our journey.  There is path between laziness and busyness that is meant for us to walk upon.

Most encouraging to my conversation with da Kid was his desire to obtain his degree.  It is not just a backup plan, but a compliment to his life.  We should seek to constantly further our education.  Perhaps not always in a formal environment like a university.  One should still seek to develop every aspect of self: body, soul, and mind.  Complete beauty engages the mind with the eyes.  Captivating conversations draws an audience past the superficial.  One’s intelligence can further their opportunities.  It is with knowledge that we may advance our creations for the world.  So often I am amazed by the creative lyrics of today’s rap artist.  They draw references from current culture and combine them with eloquent linguistics to formulate music; constantly challenging their knowledge and talent.

We should never cease to further our minds.  Developing every aspect of ourselves deepens our beauty.  It increases our ability to contribute to humanity.  And through our creation, whether music or photography, medicine or politics; we can beautify our world.  Develop your mind to show you are beautiful.

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