Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Beautiful

I am enamored with cathedrals.  They are magnificent structures that testify to human’s desire to serve the divine.  Laced with intricate glass murals and mightily fortified by stone, these structures merry strength with grace.  Their existence testify of our faithfulness to a cause.

Cathedrals have stood strong for the last millennium.  It may take over 200 years to construct one.  Generation after generation worked on them without hope of seeing it finished.  Families of stone masons perished from particulate asphyxiation, falling stone, or disease.  Yet they persevered.  Stone by stone they laid foundations and walls for families they would not know.  In faith they created a place of beauty.  Hoping that one day there would be completion.

We would serve the world well if we kept a timeless mindset in our microwave society.  We breed impatience; instant Google searches, fast cash advances, and streaming entertainment.  We are constantly infected by the lie that the world revolves to meet our immediate needs.  Our society would benefit greatly if we would consider our descendants. 

Our current attempts to think of the future manifest themselves in environmentalism and foreign policy.  But what true good can we leave for our children.  Clean air and peace are wonderful gifts.  Yet I feel as though there is more we can offer.  A world full of beauty requires more of us.  I imagine a world where humans truly care for one another with no selfish gain.  A world where hunger and natural disaster do exist, but supernatural love motivates us to constant action.  A world where diseases like child molestation and serial killing have been eradicated.

To build this cathedral we need to invest now in ourselves.  Each day we should consider the work that we are doing; the stones we are tasked with placing.  Are we building up ourselves to succeed as parents, spouses, and siblings?  Do we create elaborate murals of transparent love, kindness, and goodness?  Are we laboring to dispose our  quickness to anger, addiction to materialism, or swiftness to jealousy?  It may be hard to see the completion of your small task on this earth.  Even more impossible to imagine the cathedral we are trying to build together.  I do not believe we must earn God’s love, but I do wish to create something together that our Creator will look down upon us and say, “Indeed, you are beautiful.”

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