Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello Beautiful

Amid the western edge of the free world, where the mountains descend into the seas, is a promontory that keeps watch over the water.  Each night this land mass witnesses the sun kiss the horizon and sink into ocean.  This circadian ceremony yielding to the luminance of the moon is celebrated by a spectacular expression of color. 

It begins with a blue sky and blindingly white sun glistening off the surfs specularity.  As the sun draws lower, the longer wavelengths of light bend across the Earth’s stratosphere to create yellow.  Then orange.  Then red.  And just as the sun slips into the deep, the cloud's aerosolization of particles explode in a refraction of light; granting us purple.  As the moon takes hold of the celestial, the deepest blue covers the cosmos. 

This is Point Dume in Malibu, California.  Here you can see the end of the world.  As I watched I wanted to pull each color from the sky and put it in my pocket.  Keep them for later.  There were so many rich hues they could never be discovered again.  But alas I could not take them.  The sun would set and they would be gone.

Many of our beautiful moments in life set.  Relationships.  Plays.  Dinners.  Dances. Births.  And even life itself.  We replay the highlights in our minds.  We take pictures.  We try to savor the moments.   But no matter how hard we try, we cannot live our entire lives in those moments.  A memory is just an impression of life.  It is not life itself.  We must move forward and continue to paint more moments of beauty in the world. 

One would never watch a sunset, consider it beautiful, and hold onto that fading memory forever.  The sun sets every evening.  Every evening we fail to pause its leaving.  But every day it returns with chromaticism.  Imprinting us with a new memory of our breathtaking planet.  Reminding you that your world is gorgeous.  Reminding you that you are beautiful.

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