Monday, October 31, 2011

Fiercely Lovely

Hello Beautiful

My pastor, Steve Kelly, said that “lovely appeals to the emotions as well as the eyes."  When I think of lovely I imagine little old ladies sitting in wicker chairs knitting blankets for their unborn grandchildren in a discourse of the various teacups they have collected throughout the decades. 

But loveliness is a fierce force.  It is encapsulated physical magnetism that elicits an emotional response.  It uses charm to invoke an action.  A puppy’s eyes moving you towards adoption.  A ray of sunshine on a warm spring afternoon bringing you a smile after work.  A perfect date causing you to fall deeper still.  Loveliness moves our hearts.

It also pleases our eyes.  Loveliness is full of physical beauty.  Mal-nourished puppies are adopted out of compassion, a no less valuable force.  But it is out of their cuteness that they are adopted for loveliness.  The magnitude of loveliness is not a measure of perfection of appearance, but the degree by which beautiful appearance affects us inside.  An attractive model with a cruel heart is not lovely.  Furthermore, a storm may be lovely if it is ferociously filled with sheets of water; boldly casting lightning and thunder; colorfully filled with umbrellas and galoshes; and even promises with a rainbow.

Loveliness is the quintessential meeting of physical and inner beauty.  Ones maximized physical beauty is drawn into the spirit and portrayed to the world in a contagious manner.  The observer is entangled in a storm of sensory overload as their eyes and hearts are bombarded with delight.  They enjoy the presence before whom they stand because the signals received by their hearts match those perceived by their eyes.  They are swept away into a deep connection with the subject.

It is this level of loveliness and beauty that we should all desire in our lives.  We should seek to draw our physical beauty into our hearts and infect the earth with our love; cancerously devouring the world in an appeal to their hearts.  Inspiring not just more beauty, but true change and an elevation of the broken human condition.  To this end you must portray the loveliness you embody because you are beautiful.

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