Monday, September 12, 2011

Send to Voicemail

Hello Beautiful

I had a lovely dinner in Williamsburg with a friend from college. She is a delightful, energetic, charismatic young lady with a contagious personality. We discussed our ventures since we last met. As we conversed, the topic of being a good friend came up. She is not a person that takes friendship lightly. She commits to them no matter what they are struggling with. But the question revolved around how to be a friend to the people in your life that drain you?

Being a true friend is one of the greatest titles one can bear. It is an honor to walk life alongside another person through trials and highlights. Friends illuminate the dark times and bring vivaciousness to the celebration.

Yet sometimes you make friends that seem to only pull life from you. You see them on the caller ID and roll your eyes. You take their call because you want to be a good friend but three hours later you have talked in circles, pulled your hair out, and feel like a horrible friend because you know nothing was accomplished. After a few of these exhausting discourses you start to question your ability to be a friend, your stress level is through the roof, and your strength begins to waiver.

Being a good friend also means knowing when you have the strength and heart to be that friend. The days that you are without these you will not be successful. You will not be the friend they need, they will bring you unnecessary stress, and you will end up in a lose-lose scenario.

When you find yourself in this situation send the call to voicemail. I know at first it seems impossibly difficult but you will become a better friend through it. You can listen to the message to discover if it is a real emergency and call them back. You can take time to prepare for their needs. Or you will realize that they will be fine on their own.

Filter the friends that weigh you down. Do not cut them out completely because you are needed in their life. And you need them. But be sure you are being the most effective friend. Knowing when and how to be a friend is essential to maintaining your strength and value as a friend. Through your friendships you are beautiful.

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