Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello Beautiful

I was listening to a great sermon this Sunday at church delivered by a short, hilarious, Ukrainian pastor.  He read from a passage, Acts 3:2, which makes reference to the “Beautiful Gate”.  This was the name given to a gate of the temple in Jerusalem.  In this particular story a lame man was sitting outside of the gate asking for money when Peter and John passed by and healed him.  Naturally, like the good church going Christian that I am, as soon as I heard the name “Beautiful Gate” I pretty much tuned out and began thinking about you.

Why was this gate called “Beautiful”?  What makes it beautiful?  This story is the only known reference to a gate by this name.  The Greek word for beautiful used here is horaios; coming from the root hora, meaning an hour or time.  Horaios, or beautiful, therefore means belonging to the right hour.

So often we envisage beauty in terms of physical manifestations.  We rarely think of it in terms of the ephemeral, other than in platitudes of  beauty fading.  Yet we cannot deny the beauty of exquisite timing.  Your husband extemporaneously sending you flowers on the same day your boss drops a monotonous project on your desk.  A friend fortuitously calling the moment you reach for the phone to call them.  You serendipitously taking an earlier bus just as a seat opens next to the man of your dreams.

Proper timing is an essential part of a subjects beauty.  The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.  Meeting the man of your dreams when your hair is trifling may not yield desired effects.  A friend calling right after you learned of their betrayal will not be a pleasant conversation.  Receiving flowers when your allergies are in action… well that might still be nice. 

Timing was everything to the beggar that was healed by two men passing by.  I like to think this is why the gate is called Beautiful. Proper appointment of life’s special moments are essential to their beauty.  Flowers that blossom prematurely do not last.  Likewise no one goes to the beach at noon to watch the sunset.  In relationship, career, economic and definitely fashion decisions, wait for the right timing in your life.  And pounce on them when it is the correct hour.  Through your timing you are beautiful.

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