Monday, August 8, 2011

Over Easy

Hello Beautiful

There are few things in this world that disrupt our lives more than a broken relationship.  Whether dissolution of friends or the parting of romantics, the pain is great.  Time invested seems lost.  A vacuous space remains in our hearts.

Many young ladies have questioned why men seem to get over relationships more quickly than women.  This question has a few answers with varying degrees of complexity.  The simplest is this: they don’t.  Men do not actually get over relationships more quickly than women, they just get over them in different ways and at different times.

If a man chooses to end a relationship, typically it is after careful consideration.  A man has likely begun thinking about the end weeks to months before he actually executes his decision.  This means that he is already considerably further along the healing process.  Two weeks later he may seem completely fine because in his heart he feels six weeks out of the relationship.  However he should not plunge into another relationship as this is unacceptably disrespectful to the lady who is still experiencing pain.

If it was not the mans choice and he bounces back quickly, several things could be at work.  Perhaps he was contemplating the end, and thus is further along in healing.  He may be moving on as a coping mechanism for the pain.  Or he was not into the relationship to begin with and thus not worth your second thought.  You are too amazing to waste time thinking about boys that have yet to grow up.

We may also see instances where a man takes time to heal after a relationship, whether he or the lady chooses to end it.  In this case you can see that men do have feelings.  However, this is not evidence that the relationship should continue.  It is just evidence that heart mending must transpire.

In all cases the male reaction in the aftermath of a relationship speaks nothing of the lady involved.  It tells a tale of what kind of man was involved.  His character.  His respect.  His thoughtfulness.  A woman’s worth is not determined by men with mending hearts.  The lady’s actions speak of her character.  They tell the true tale of her poise.  Her respect.  Her heart.  What kind of tale do you display?  Do you reveal your vindictiveness or portray that you are beautiful?

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