Monday, August 29, 2011

Not So Easy

Hello Beautiful

I found myself on an adventure in Blacksburg, Virginia as I vacated my home to avoid Hurricane Irene.  It is always a delight to see my college friends.  There is something reviving about being around people that authentically know you and love you greatly.  True friends.  On the last night of my trip a small group of friends went to a local establishment called The Cellar; a dimly lit underground lounge where we could tell old stories and laugh at our new adventures in adulthood.

While recounting, an eager young man decided it might be a good time to hit on my friend.  Not an uncommon sight in this college town, but we were not a common group.  A few compliments, a slide across the booth, and a page of poetry later he walked away empty handed.  I found this both comical and annoying at the same time.

I am annoyed that men, when confronted with an attractive woman, must always hit on them.  Or at least consider flirting with them.  Wired to initially think corporeally, men instinctively classify women into “girlfriend material” categories first and “friend material” second.  It is only when men learn to move past this nature that they might mature into “husband material”.

Throughout the rest of the evening we had quite the laugh from our nights tale.  This unsuspecting student was not meeting the average girl.  Her physical beauty is a manifestation of a high level of self-esteem, not a lack there of.  Her age of “I graduated while you were in high school” gave her the wisdom to see straight though his lines.  And a lack of need to find fulfillment through the eyes of a man, made my friend a tough target.  Combine that with male friends that are not afraid of running interference to guard her merriment, and we quickly returned to our convivial evening.

Inventory your life.  Are you surrounded by men that hit on you because you are an easy target?   Or are your defenses appropriately placed?  Be confident with self-esteem.  Seek the wisdom of age.  Do not look for your fulfillment in others.  Surround yourself with friends that build you up and protect you.  And go have a good time, because life is fun and you are beautiful.

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