Monday, August 22, 2011

Know Your Role

This weekend I recuperated from an exhausting week of work by overloading on sleep, food, and laundry.  Along with this strict regimen I had the opportunity to hear amazing speakers, comedians, and friends discuss the the role of women in modern society.  Surprisingly, women and men, single and married, religious and… not, all had similar dispositions.  I am sure that there is a significant percentage of population that would disagree, but the diverse spectrum with which I interacted all said there was something broken with the role of the independent woman in neoteric civilization.

Woman are amazing creatures.  Fearfully and wonderfully made, they have the power to  turn heads, start wars, and create life.  In the 20th century women earned many rights that were long overdue.  The right to vote. Equality in the workplace. Respect from men.  With these rights women have contributed unfathomable amounts to humanity.  From medicine to  politics, the arts to education, woman have used their rights to transform our world.

But with freedom and rights come responsibilities.  Women desire equality in rights, but do they seek equality with men.  Women and men are not the same.  These differences begin with basic anatomical dichotomies and continue on to chemical, relational, and cerebrational processes.  Woman was made out of man  Meaning she has parts in common with him, but there are parts that were removed from man and placed in solely woman, and parts left in man that were not given to women.  Men and women have different but complimentary roles in this world.  We need each other.  As Jerry McGuire said, “You complete me.”

Beauty exists in harmony.  When men are acting as true gentlemen and women as ladies, a symbiotic congruency moves us forward.  I make no claims to know where a woman’s place may be.  However, I believe that place is not pregnant, intoxicated, and abused.  Neither is it as a CFO slandering colleagues.  You can know you are living your role in this world by your worth, value, nobility, support, diligence, tenacity, charity, industriousness, strength, dignity, wisdom, faithfulness, and honor.  Walking out your role means you are beautiful.

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