Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello Beautiful

I am fascinated by sand.  Living at the beach I have accepted the cruel fact that it goes everywhere.  In my shoes.  In my house.  In my couch.  It fills up the expansive space of shore that lines our terra.  It dissipates into the air when released with force.  I enjoy realizing the particularization of our earth.  An entire planet created from finite grains.

Each granule comes together to create a whole.  Sand refined to glass.  Limestone reacted into plaster.  Dirt fired into pottery.  Each whole becoming greater than the sum of its elements.  Even we are made from the same.

“for dust you are…”

But what will you do with what you are?  What will you add up to?  Each of us can live a life that is barely more than the dirt we are given.  We can live a life of just enough; scantily surviving.  Giving the least of our exertion.  It is effortless to complain about our economic circumstance.  Maintaining the same level of employment is undemanding.  Remaining stationary in our addictions is paltry.

To move beyond and create full life takes tenacity and adventure.  We love stories like Mulan, Two Weeks Notice, and Ever After.  Seeing our heroine or hero from humble means defeat obstacles inspires us to greatness.  When we are faced with training, trials, and battle we must step up to the challenges.  We should expend every morsel of time, resources, and life that we given.  We need to realize our dreams of bettering ourselves, augmenting the nefariousness we see, and raising the human condition.

“…and to dust you shall return.” Gen 3:19

Tomorrow we will inter my aunt.  Her life came to an end after a swift fight with cancer.  She is not thought of by the three week battle of internal dematerialization.  We remember her life and the fullness therein.  The joy, love, jokes, and lessons she brought us.

How will you be remembered?  Are you merely an amalgamation of dust?  Or are you a spectacular particle storm that dances upon the earth?  You are more than simple sand.  You are beautiful.

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