Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello Beautiful

After a very long, yet fulfilling day of work I drove home on overcast streets lined with trees sprinkled by droplets of rain.  I love how vibrant foliage appears as it is saturated with water.  Amidst the grey atmosphere and imbued leaves were delicate flowers of pink, lavender, and white.  Having seen these same flowers before I was shocked to see that these trees were still in full bloom despite hot summer months and thunderous rains.

The incredibly diverse classification of flowering plants (angiosperm) is a wonderful exemplification of true life.  These organisms have needs just like any do.  They require soil, sunlight, and water.  They create food through photosynthesis and contribute to global life by the production of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide.   Just as any plant would and should.  But these plants go further.  After they have taken care their own basic life sustenance and contributed to the earth’s needs, they continue to produce in abundance.  Out of this thriving they render flowers, fruits, and seeds.  They create a beautiful sight for us to see.  They supply food that others may be sustained.  And furnish seed that their prosperity may spread.  The Greek prefix angio means vessel.  These plants carry with them bountiful life.

What about humans?  We consider first our need for food, shelter, and education.  We bear children and hold jobs to contribute to the human race.  This does not make us life bearing vessels.  To carry life is to reach beyond your immediate world.  To beautify another's environment.  To nourish another’s soul.  To illuminate another’s day.  Through this cross-pollination of life true bonds are formulated.  It is in these symbiotic relationships that we ourselves are transformed.  Uplifted.  Beautified.  And much like the trees along the street that are still in full bloom despite adversity, perseverance in trials will yield even longer periods of bloom.  We will express our love longer, brighter, and more generously.

Be a flowering plant in this world.  Carry life into your world through storm and sun.  Show them you are beautiful.

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