Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello Beautiful

It is thunder storming outside as John Mayer melodizes “Daughters” on a live recording. In my peaceful sanctuary I think about the beautiful things that humanity has accomplished. Film. Music. Dance. Literature. The strenuous hours we take to provide illuminance into our existence. A place of idealism to which we can escape.

Last week a colleague recommended a short film to me called “The Third and The Seventh”. It is a masterpiece. The twelve minute film highlights some of the best modernist architecture of the twentieth century. It contains breath-taking artful shots of these remarkable buildings. The fascinating part is the film was made completely by one person using computer animation. Not one shot is taken from real life. The music, animation, modeling, production—all composed digitally by one man, Alex Roman.

As I viewed the hyper-realistic animation I began to notice what makes it so realistic. It is easy to capture the pristine quality of materials in the clean digital environment of computer graphics. Perfectly smooth paint. Highly reflective metals. Completely flawless skin. What makes this animation so real is the beauty in the flaws that are programmed in. The cracks in the age of the stone. The weathered discoloration in the windmills. The uneven texture of cast-in-place concrete.

The inception of these buildings by the architects were aimed to create a flawless moment in space. Yet they maintained the knowledge that it would not remain as such. It would age, crack, dent, break, and eventually crumble. But the buildings life along the way would be a testament to itself, the architect, and all the people that interact with the building overtime.

People are the same. There is a desirable beauty in being flawless. No blemishes, perfect tan, physically fit, heart unbroken, and confidence through the roof. But there is even more beauty in wearing our battle scars proudly. It is our flaws that separates us from androids. Fractured legs that show we dared. Acne that grew self-confidence. Broken hearts that taught us how to love. We are an amalgamation of skin and bones, heart and soul, personality and character, uniqueness and flaw.

With your flaws you are beautiful.

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