Monday, July 11, 2011

The Face of Adversity

Hello Beautiful

This past weekend I made an emergency journey home.  My great aunt was hospitalized with an extremely aggressive strand of cancer.  Admitted as a stage four patient, the outlook seemed quite bleak.  I arrived at the hospital to find a faithful woman fighting for her life.  As we visited over the following days I heard stories of her life, old school herbal medicine, and plenty of advice.  Naturally as a single male, the topic of girls was broached.  Despite traditional Hispanic culture, my aunt married later in life.  As patient as the formation of mountains and as faithful as the seasons, my aunt awaited her husband.

She said she would steadfastly pray for him.  Not just generally.  Anyone can do that.  She would write down, speak out, and declare specific things she wanted in a man.  Now one should have reasonable expectations.  Declaring Prince William as their husband may be a little much and a little too specific.  However, in declaring your desires you make your hearts desire known.  Especially to yourself.  It will help prevent compromise.  When you are lonely, everyone looks good.  Anyone can sweep you off your feet.  But can you wait over forty years for your hearts desire?  Your compliment.  Whether you believe in “the one” or not, we can agree that holding out for the right person is well worth it.  When you find someone worthy of your heart, keep your standards high.

My aunt also said, “Find a virtuous woman.”  Something that I feel is lost in our culture.  Ladies focus a lot on being the smart one or the pretty one.  An excellent home-maker or a tenacious career woman.  One of the guys or a delicate flower.  All of which are fine qualities.  But a virtuous woman, one of high principle, moral, and ethics, is a woman of beauty.  The word virtuous comes from the Latin root virtus which means strength and valor in the face of adversity. This is a test of true character.

So there sat my Aunt in a hospital chair with chemo running through her veins.  Her physical strength failing as her body is destroyed from the inside out one cell at a time.  Barely able to eat or sleep.  In all this she forsakes nothing.  And through it she has the strength to teach her nephew one more lesson.

Aunt, you are beautiful.

(My aunt is doing better all things considered.  Our family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.)

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