Monday, June 6, 2011

Who’s talking?

Hello Beautiful

On my short drive home from an exhaustive day of work I began thinking about what I would write you today.  Fortuitously the most amazing song came on the radio.  Amazing not because the beat is especially bangin’.  Or because the melody was dramatically unique.  But the words really captivated something worth inviting into one’s heart.  Its Who Says'” by Selena Gomez.

The eighteen year old star really divulges a great message about the things we allow our minds to feed upon.  The main chorus says:

“Who says,
Who says you're not perfect,
Who says you're not worth it,
Who says you're the only one that's hurting,
Trust me,
That's the price of beauty,
Who says you're not pretty,
Who says you’re not beautiful,
Who says.”

We are constantly surrounded by lies about ourselves.  Bombardments are launched against our fragile psyche attacking our self-image, confidence, and identity.  Media tells us what we can and cannot live without.  Crushed relationships tell us we are failures and unworthy.  Family places heavy burdens on us with unrealistic expectations.  This is the weight of the world we are a part of.

But who is talking?  Could it be that this media that doesn’t know you, this relationship that wasn’t good for you, and these expectations that are levied upon you are all wrong?  We have heard the lies for so long we have come to think of them as truth.   

I heard a great sermon by Pastor Joe Riddle about the first three questions God asked.  The second question God ever asked man according to the Bible began “Who told you that…?”  Who told you that?  All this junk you believe, who said it?

And why are you believing them?  Take an evaluation of your life.  Seriously spend some quality time the deliciousness of being alone and consider your life situation.  Be honest with yourself about what you believe to be true in your own life.  Trace back who placed those seeds of thought into your heart.  And then start weeding your garden.  Remember that you have a voice and a choice.  We can choose to shut the haters down, eradicate the dream killers.  Remove people that constantly speak death into your life.  Surround yourself with those that uplift your smile.  Throw away what people say to bring you down.  And keep those things that help you grasp that you are beautiful.

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