Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello Beautiful

I know it is not Monday but I wanted to impart to you an extra entry this week.  Partially because I was dissatisfied with my earlier writing, but mostly because I had an incredibly beautiful experience tonight.  Rarely do I bring my Christianity as the topic of conversation, but this is a strange night.  I ask that those that do not share my theology to please indulge me in this discourse as this is not a blog on religion, but a blog of beauty.

Every fiber of my being vehemently revolted against the idea of attending church this evening.  I ran through every excuse.  Each one failing me more greatly than the last until ultimately I decided to be present.  A decision I will never regret.

I was excited about the guest speaker; a mid-thirties, well-sized, African-American male.  He began the sermon sharing that he had just received troubling news and it was clear this preacher was battling for his life up there.  Such transparency sent a distinct message to the over 1,000 young adults that filled Wave Convention Center.  The alter call brought forth more people than I have seen at a service here.  Normally this would be the end of the night, and a wondrous end at that.

But something shifted.  All were dismissed but the band was prompted to continue playing and an invitation for prayer was made.  At first a small group of people that really needed some time with their Creator came forth.  Slowly more accumulated.  And then the Heavens burst open.  A palpable Spirit saturated the atmosphere and engulfed everyone there.  With one extremely violent cry, hundreds of young people who have stayed for a bonus hour of church in the middle of the week reached out to their God. 

“OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH” they vociferated.

Literally screaming, they sought after their God with passion.  In the end none could deny they were changed.  A new dispensation was released.

What made tonight undeniably beautiful, regardless of your religious beliefs, was the passion and unity by which an aggregation of personalities sought after something.  And the degree to which their seeking was met with answer.  Passion births the Beautiful.  Without passion so many things in this world would be dull if not nonexistent.  Move forward in your life mission with passion.

And remember I do and always will believe you are beautiful.

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