Monday, June 20, 2011

A Life Interrupted

Hello Beautiful

Today was as plain a Monday as one could expect.  The nights effort to sleep brought little rejuvenation.  At the moment I was finally able to embark into a suspension of consciousness my alarm proclaimed the beginning of the day.  With a stomach full of Special K cereal, a mug of Crystal Light iced tea, and my Kenneth Cole bag slung across my chest I ventured to work.

Run copies. Check e-mail. Check Facebook. Draw building. Lunch with colleague. Draw building. Arrange training. Check e-mail. Check Facebook. Homeward bound.

Mondays I do three things: practice drums, workout, and write you.  I anticipated that the evening would be spiced up by some Photoshopping.  yay (un-emphatically).  I slowly pulled into my driveway watching out for my duck.  Yes, I have a duck with a dozen eggs living in my yard. 

Out of the corner of my eye I spot the cutest piece of animation.  A 7 pound puppy was curiously inspecting my front yard.  I instantly noticed that this little ball of fur had no collar.  Concerned for the puppy and its long lost best friend, I canvased the street to find no one in sight.  He came up to me with inquisitiveness.  I decided to befriend him and allow him into my backyard. 

There I was.  Never having a pet I was clueless with no food.  After setting out a dish of water I did what any perplexed person would do. I practiced my drums and worked out.  Once my thoughts had aggregated I proceeded to take the appropriate steps to take care of the dog.  Upon leaving my home I came across my neighbor who was giving a ride to two individuals that were clearly not her daughter.  I later discovered that they were displaced individuals.

An epiphanous moment caught me off guard.  How often are we so blinded by our routine that we forget to see what needs to be done in the world around us?  Are we so busy succeeding in our lives that we are too busy to help someone survive their life?  I wonder how hungry were my neighbors new friends.  I wonder how much the little boy that owns this beautiful puppy is crying tonight.  I wonder how many things I missed today.  For someone that claims to see the world—its beauty, its details, its heart—I definitely miss a lot.

You are beautiful.

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