Monday, June 13, 2011

First Kiss

Hello Beautiful

There is nothing that stokes the embers of one’s heart like a first kiss.  The atmosphere is saturated with droplets of anticipation.  The reverberation of hearts pulsating consume your ears.  Falling snowflakes hang in suspended animation as time lingers.  Hesitation, excitement, nervousness, expectation, joy, and anxiousness all populate the heart and mind simultaneous in an ever surmounting jambalaya of emotion.  Then suddenly, in the eye of the storm, the warmth of another's lips are upon yours.  Your body secretes a rush of endorphins into your brain.  And you experience the delicious wonder that is the first kiss.

It is the first kiss where many believe they can predict the future of the relationship.  It can be the kiss of death or the beginning of falling deeply in love.  The first kiss is a key point of intimate connection. 

We profoundly desire to be known by another.  And to know another.  To have an intimate connection with someone.  There is a fundamental longing in our hearts that is love.  We crave it.  We cry over it.  We fight for it.  Love is the strongest of human emotions whose root comes from a greater source than mere human chemical reactions.  The Christian faith teaches that God is Love.  So to love another is to share a piece of Godliness with another.

Don’t sell your kisses for less than they are worth.  They are a point of physical and divine connection to your heart.  This reasons why there is such stake in first kisses.  Your heart is precious.  Do not give it away flippantly.  You may find it difficult to have returned.

Yet if you find someone deserving of your kisses and, by extension, of your heart, kiss them.  Kiss them really good.  Kiss them like the very breath of your life depends on it.  Kiss because the beating of your heart needs them.  Kiss them like the first kiss, every kiss.  When you have been married for twenty years kiss them even more.  And when your hair turns gray and all your teeth are gone, kiss even more passionately.  Kiss with a passion spawned out of a love that has be cultivated over time.

We kiss out of an abundance of love in the heart.  We kiss those we care about.  We kiss those we know.  Kiss someone that knows you are beautiful.

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